Streamline quality processes, manage supplier quality, boost compliance — in one solution Streamline quality processes, manage supplier quality, boost compliance — in one solution

Take Complete Control of Your Supply Chain Management With GEP NEXXE Quality Management System

Today’s business dynamics include frequent modifications to products and processes. Market demands require quality systems that can adapt – and take corrective or preventative action – on demand. But the truth is, legacy systems are just not up to it.

GEP NEXXE™ Supply Chain Quality Management System (SCQMS) enables your enterprise to easily manage and share product quality planning requirements with suppliers — by establishing process definitions and product parameters.

Configurable workflows and intelligent forms – key parts of the Quality Management System -- ensure an efficient part qualification process. Track product quality conformance. Resolve exceptions through feedback management and CAPA workflows. Stay ahead of every quality control issue during operations.


Quality Management Service Allows Suppliers to Collaborate in Real Time

Powered by GEP MINERVA™, GEP NEXXE Supply Chain Quality Management Solution (QMS) is a cloud-native application with AI/ML at its core. The supply chain software is built on a low-code platform, so it is simple to integrate. Easy-to-configure workflows and flexible, intelligent forms ensure you meet quality objectives based on business requirements. The user interface is designed specifically for real-time collaboration with suppliers.

Quality Planning

Manage quality plans, quality project (APQP/PPAP/Part Qualification) and inspection plans at the material/material group level — so that you can always meet product expectations.

Quality Operations Management

Handle day-to-day transactions, such as inspection lots, quality events or deviations with total ease and control. Assign actions, such as tasks and CAPAs to suppliers, based on quality findings.

Audit Management

Audit your suppliers for quality. Track key metrics on quality via systematic assessment of quality scores — to ensure total compliance.

Document Management / Approval Workflows

Track , review and manage all quality documents with customer feedback effectively.

Third-Party Integration

GEP NEXXE SCM QMS seamlessly integrates with all major ERP systems to retrieve, synchronize and manage master data.

Why Choose GEP NEXXE Quality Management System Software

  • Achieve Operational Consistency Achieve_Operational_Consistency
  • Reduce Time-To-Market Reduce-Time-To-Market
  • Resolve Issues Faster Resolve_Issues_Faster
  • Eliminate Kickbacks Eliminate_Kickbacks
  • Easy Document Control Easy_Document_Control
  • Ensure QMS Compliance Ensure_QMS_Compliance
Achieve Operational Consistency


Achieve Operational Consistency

Streamline business processes around by planning for quality management in advance through automated workflows and configurable forms to achieve operational consistency.

Reduce Time-To-Market


Reduce Time-To-Market

Integrate PLM tools and product development processes with GEP NEXXE QMS — so that you can speed up your enterprise’s time-to-market.

Resolve Issues Faster


Resolve Issues Faster

Comprehensive audit management — from planning to execution to reporting — allows on-the-go collaboration and query resolution, be it online or offline.

Eliminate Kickbacks

Eliminate Kickbacks

Eliminate Kickbacks

Identify root cause analysis for quality events, such as deviations, waivers, non-conformance — and resolve issues by assigning tasks before they cause greater problems.

Easy Document Control


Easy Document Control

Deploy evidence-based decision making with GEP NEXXE document control. Ensure easy creation, distribution, approvals and version control of documents.

Ensure QMS Compliance


Ensure QMS Compliance

Stay on top of global compliance issues in products as you inspect and track quality throughout the quality management process in one unified platform.