M&A at GEP: Identify synergies, capture value M&A at GEP: Identify synergies, capture value



What drives M&A? Obtaining new financial resources. Lowering costs. Securing top talent. Expanding market share. Accelerating growth. The most successful mergers and acquisitions harness the unique synergies of each enterprise involved to create maximum value. And with external spend typically driving the lion’s share of a company’s costs, the procurement and supply chain landscape must be viewed as a significant source of opportunities for M&A synergy.

But the opportunities don’t end at pinpointing and delivering hard-dollar savings for the newly combined entities. Seamless Day 1 integration of people, process and technology is paramount for mitigating risks. This is where our multi-layered approach truly sets us apart: We offer bold strategy, clean room provisioning, cutting-edge cloud-native software and comprehensive managed services, led by a passionate team of professionals with unrivaled supply chain and procurement expertise.

Driven by our core mission — to offer our clients the most innovative digital supply chain software solutions and procurement solutions to transform their business — our world-class M&A practice brings an unparalleled record of unlocking maximum supply chain and procurement value from M&A engagements.


Organizational Advisory

Develop a blueprint for the new supply chain and procurement organizational structure that puts the right people in the right place on Day 1.

Clean Room Environment

Help to set up a fully encrypted, cloud-based M&A clean room, supported by a clean team. This assures confidentiality for all parties and facilitates the development of granular, ready-to-launch execution plans.

Synergy Identification and Execution

Integrate automated data harmonization and spend cube analytics modeling tools with underlying ERP + eSourcing platforms to support rapid negotiation and synergy execution.

Post-Merger Integration

Immediately focus on integrating the combined entity’s people, processes and technology to ensure maximum value capture and risk mitigation.

Supply Chain Network Consolidation

Redefine the supply chain network by mitigating operational redundancies, leveraging technological advancements and executing investments to form an integrated NewCo.

Warehouse and Inventory Optimization

Improve inventory management capabilities and create more responsive and efficient supply chains that ensure product availability and optimum service levels while reducing investment in working capital.


GEP is proud to have helped Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries and verticals smoothly integrate their supply chain and procurement functions at all stages of an M&A deal.

M&A Clean Room

In the high stakes of M&A, a clean room can be a game changer.

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We draw on end-to-end capabilities to accurately identify valuable opportunities, realize quick cash-flow savings and skillfully integrate distinct procurement entities into new, high-performance procurement operations. Our systematized process for M&A success draws on rigorous analysis, precise execution and the experience gained from steering hundreds of successful M&A executions worldwide.

Our track record includes:

  • Supporting the merger of a Fortune 100 conglomerate and a Fortune 100 chemicals company, implementing a synergy execution program that achieved $1.2 billion in direct and indirect spend savings.
  • Leading the synergy efforts for a Fortune 50 pharma company’s $34.3 billion acquisition of two health care companies.
  • Managing a multinational biotech company’s acquisition of a large biotech enterprise. GEP helmed the clean room work and captured synergy savings goals of $110 million over two years.
  • Crafting a bold strategy that delivered significant synergy savings in a large clothier’s acquisition of an apparel retail company. GEP completed more than 100 sourcing projects in record time.


Amol Jawale

Vice President, Consulting

Amol is a Vice President of Consulting at GEP. He is responsible for leading global teams and building long-lasting strategic client relationships for GEP’s Fortune 500 Pharma & Life Sciences clients. Amol has vast experience in leading engagements focused on procurement strategy, delivery management, and competitive assessment and formulating business cases with C-Suite stakeholders to enable sustainable value creation. 

A seasoned procurement and supply chain professional, Amol has led several large-scale global transformation projects involving supply chain optimization, organization redesign and implementing best…

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Samir Patel

Vice President, Consulting

As a Vice President of Consulting, Samir is responsible for leading the Chemical vertical within GEP. Samir has over 17 years of industry and consulting experience in implementing cost reduction programs at Fortune 500 clients. He has led several global programs and delivered significant value to clients through strategic sourcing, category strategies and best practices, M&A synergy savings, and procurement transformation in addition to leading procurement execution and strategy for integration and divestitures.

Before joining GEP, Samir worked with Accenture in their supply chain and sourcing practice across various…

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  • Establish Integrated Governance — ‘One’ Organization Mindset
  • Identify Clean Room Synergy
  • Synergy Execution — Delivering on Identified Synergies
  • Synergy PMO
  • Post-merger Integration/Spin Support
Establish Integrated Governance — ‘One’ Organization Mindset

Establish Integrated Governance — ‘One’ Organization Mindset

  • Develop a global vision
  • Craft global and regional governance structures
  • Align executive sponsors, business unit leaders, budget owners and senior leadership
  • Optimize group-level performance
Identify Clean Room Synergy

Identify Clean Room Synergy

  • Establish a clean room
  • Collect and analyze spend/contract data
  • Identify and classify projects for quick wins, standard and complex sourcing
  • Finalize pipeline and opportunities – workshops
  • Assign the right targets and ownership
  • Develop project charters with implementation strategies
Synergy Execution — Delivering on Identified Synergies

Synergy Execution — Delivering on Identified Synergies

  • Merge deep category capabilities and insights to create synergy opportunities
  • Develop robust frameworks
  • Deploy advanced analytics to assess the holistic status
  • Coordinate execution across divisions/business units
  • Strategically manage global supplier relationships
  • Pursue supplier-driven innovation
  • Facilitate end-to-end pipeline execution and rapidly achieve targets
Synergy PMO

Synergy PMO

  • Align governance process design
  • Deploy tools to capture progress updates and track integrated value
  • Set up management dashboards and reports
  • Monitor execution speed, tracking against 30-, 60-, 90-day targets
  • Identify risks and resolutions
Post-merger Integration/Spin Support

Post-merger Integration/Spin Support

  • Design new procurement organization
  • Set up joint category-management processes
  • Integrate procurement systems and operations (KT, PTA, etc.)
  • Create joint governance and PMS
  • Devise communication and change management strategies