Boost Supply Chain Operations With Real-Time Multi-Tier Collaboration Boost Supply Chain Operations With Real-Time Multi-Tier Collaboration

The Next-Generation Supply Chain Collaboration Software

Enable real-time collaboration with your supply chain partners — material suppliers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and customs — to balance supply and demand and ensure accurate and timely delivery. GEP NEXXETM leverages advanced AI, analytics and machine learning to improve collaboration, drive action-oriented resolution and boost profitability.

Our advanced supply chain collaboration software uses advanced technology to ensure cross-organizational collaboration, enabling engagement with multiple tiers of suppliers and customers on a wide range of supply chain processes — from demand forecasting to capacity availability, from purchase order collaboration to inventory collaboration and quality collaboration, to collaboration around supply chain risks and issue management.

Improve Flexibility and Compliance Across Your Supply Chain

GEP NEXXE (supply chain system) ensures greater flexibility to collaborate with multiple internal teams, update ETAs, request PO changes, attach documents, send ASNs and provide new quotes for expediting requests. With granular-level near-term forecasts and insights, you can automate your decisions and plan for demand fluctuations. Real-time collaboration with your supply chain partners ensures you can balance supply and demand for accurate and timely delivery, thereby increasing your supply chain efficiency.

Outsourced environments with high dependency on supply chain partners require collaboration with the supply network to have the most up-to-date picture of demand. For channel and customer networks, providing them visibility to supply availability is the key.

GEP NEXXE offers real-time collaboration with multiple trading partners — from contract manufacturers to tier-2, tier-3 suppliers, and channel partners, including online businesses to resellers, retailers and customers. The multi-tier visibility with near- and long-term forecasts enables you to sense and react to any changes in market conditions.

Take advantage of multi-tier collaboration to bring together the critical elements of direct materials procurement. Automate procure-to-pay for direct materials with dynamic exception management.

Enable easy supply chain collaboration with your peers and drive action-oriented ML-powered resolutions to not only manage exceptions but also take actions.

GEP NEXXE combines and filters product/BOM data from multiple systems across levels to provide you with up-to-date, correct and consistent information in just a few clicks.

Gain real-time visibility across your entire supply chain operations. The GEP NEXXE Control Tower provides a comprehensive view of your key supply chain stakeholders — from trading partners to suppliers to logistics partners. Filter and prioritize specific data points before drilling down for greater detail on actionable items.

Manage and share product quality planning requirements with suppliers via process definition and product parameters. Help your suppliers attain timely and efficient approval for parts. Effectively track conformity to product quality and resolve exceptions before they cause greater repercussions.

Explore GEP NEXXE Features Built to Drive Supply Chain Collaboration

Forecast Collaboration

Take advantage of multi-tier collaboration with suppliers and contract manufacturers by sharing near- and long-term demand forecasts. Provide early insights for effective capacity planning and commits while allowing suppliers to share their upside commits. Help automate decision-making and plan for upside-demand swings — and collaborate on near-term forecasts at a granular level.

Purchase Order Collaboration

Track POs through the entire lifecycle, including supplier acceptance, expedites and de-expedites, shipments, receipts and invoices. Collaborate with suppliers on discrete POs and the blanket order process. Exceptions and alerts are based on 3-way, 4-way mismatch capabilities with seamless integration with GEP NEXXE Control Tower functions for total visibility.

Capacity Collaboration

Collaborate with contract manufacturers on any and all manufacturing capacity issues. Know ahead of time when planned shutdowns or seasonal maintenance cycles will take effect. In addition, you can collaborate on other issues, such as surge requirements and overtime issues, before plant delays make a negative impact on your supply chain.

Why Choose GEP NEXXE Supply Chain Collaboration Software Solutions

Reduce Operating Costs

Collaboration on real-time demand changes enables 10% to 20% cost reduction in spend for direct materials. AI- and ML-based exceptions and automated resolution suggestions enable 30% to 40% reduction in issue resolution time and 20% to 30% productivity gain in order management. The GEP NEXXE Collaboration suite enables seamless data integration with regular updates so that you see the most recent data, always. This enables real-time visibility and alerts to help you reduce operating costs.

Improve Order Management and Warehousing Productivity

GEP NEXXE, with its advanced network design and optimization capabilities, enables you to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in increased in warehousing productivity and improved order management. Enable alternative source fulfilment by capturing supplier upside capabilities. With automated collaboration process, improve order fulfilment time by 10% to 20%.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

GEP NEXXE harnesses the power of transformative technologies to centralize procurement for trading partners. Capture demand changes and collaborate with suppliers to ensure zero stockouts and bump up your revenue by ensuring no money is left on the table due to insufficient supply — at the right time, at the right place.

Reduce Leaked Spend, Increase Margins

Zero manual intervention. The proprietary AI technology — GEP MINERVA™ — behind GEP NEXXE ensures reduction in leaked spend by identifying and eliminating invoice inaccuracies. Experience 10% to 20% improved current and future costs while gaining control of multi-tier BOMs and collaborate on BOM and costs.

Reduce Audit Risks

GEP NEXXE supply chain collaboration tool reduces audit risks from non-compliance with insights into near- and long-term forecasts via multi-tier collaboration.

Same Platform, Same Data

With the integration of advanced technology in GEP NEXXE, the comprehensive collaboration suite enables all your supply chain partners to connect to the same platform and see the same data, ensuring high levels of productivity.

Capture Demand Changes, Reduce Inventory Liabilities

Bloated inventory is a liability that points toward unaddressed issues in the supply chain process. Capture demand changes with real-time supply chain visibility and enhance supplier collaboration to drive value across the enterprise. Get real-time inventory visibility and reduce inventory liabilities to maximize profits.

A Single Version of the Truth

Get a “single version of the truth” across functional boundaries and your suppliers, contract manufacturers, transportation carriers, and third-party logistics to intervene and correct issues — and foster cross-organizational collaboration.