Make sourcing a competitive advantage Make sourcing a competitive advantage


How can you be more strategic in your strategic sourcing process? At a point where procurement organizations are recognizing their potential to contribute to the top as well as the bottom line, how can procurement teams maximize cost savings as well as generate additional value for the enterprise?

GEP has answers to these questions. We are one of the leading providers of strategic sourcing outsourcing services in the world. Every year, we help hundreds of organizations effectively execute their sourcing strategies to save billions in spend. Staffed with experienced category specialists, our strategic sourcing consultants get sustainable results fast — real results that improve the bottom line and boost competitive advantage.

Our capabilities are much broader than those of other strategic sourcing outsourcing providers. Our global presence and proprietary mix of analytics and sourcing methods, talent and supporting infrastructure and sourcing strategy align with your business goals. We hit the ground running and deliver greater savings and value from day one. Our clients benefit from:

  • More than 200 category experts and sourcing consultants on staff
  • Dedicated supply market intelligence and analytics teams
  • State-of-the-art analytical and eSourcing software tools
  • A rapidly expanding database of more than 35 million global suppliers
  • A repository of best-practice methodologies, processes and specialized templates
  • Local teams in major markets across Europe, Asia and the Americas

We’ve had a very successful sourcing partnership with GEP. They’ve helped supplement our procurement team with subject matter experts who worked closely with us to get us focused.

— Corporate VP, Strategic Procurement, B. Braun

Innovation Unlocks Opportunity

GEP has pioneered and refined a holistic approach for sourcing strategy and spend management. 

Our sourcing strategy uses a combination of techniques and tools that go far beyond unit price reduction. We deploy our expertise at a much higher level to address deeper, often untapped opportunities for savings, including:

  • Spend Consolidation
  • Demand Management
  • Product Rationalization
  • Value Improvement
  • Should-Cost Analysis
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Low-Cost Country Sourcing

Our strategic sourcing consulting and delivery approach is flexible at its core. As a leading sourcing services provider, we listen to your needs and configure solutions according to your specific goals. We run multiyear programs to achieve specific savings targets as well as short-term, category-specific engagements geared toward shoring up in-house expertise.  

In addition to analyzing historical spend, GEP collates stakeholder inputs to thoroughly review the sourcing processes in place and devise an ideal, highly detailed savings roadmap. Following this, we leverage the power of supply market intelligence to identify categories that offer significant savings opportunities.

Learn more about GEP’s opportunity assessment services.

Procurement is always on the lookout for ways to be more competitive in sourcing. High-performing procurement organizations recognize the opportunity presented by — and the subsequent value to be gained from — low-cost country sourcing (LCCS). On average, GEP helps enterprise procurement teams realize 25 to 30 percent incremental savings by finding alternatives to domestic suppliers and sourcing from those in low-cost locations.

Read more about LCCS services from GEP.

Direct and Indirect Sourcing

While direct sourcing is concerned with ensuring continuity of production and sustaining a company’s bottom line, indirect sourcing focuses on systemic issues like maverick buying, which has less impact on production and more on a company’s ability to control costs. Nonetheless, a holistic approach to managing both direct and indirect spend can deliver a big payoff in terms of supporting the enterprise’s long-term financial health and stability.

Key Categories We Support

GEP brings enterprises a wealth of category expertise on demand. We offer specialized category management services for a broad range of essential categories, including:

MRO & CAPEX: Facility Management, Maintenance Services, Engineering Services, Industrial Supplies, Environment & Safety, Co-Manufacturing, Fabrication, Manufacturing and Other Equipment, PVF, PTB, HVAC, and Other MRO Supplies

Logistics: FTL, LTL, Intermodal, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Express Mail, Small Packages, 3PL / Warehouse, Fleet Management, Others

General & Administrative Services: Temporary Staffing, Office Supplies, Human Resources & Benefits, Professional Services, Facilities & Real Estate, Fleet Relocation, Air Travel, Hotels, Rental Cars

Packaging: Corrugated, Pallets, Stretch / Shrink Wrap, Plastic Bottles, Poly Bags, Folding Cartons, Labels, Glass Jars / Caps, Others

Marketing: Market Research, Media Production, Media Buying, Print & Promotion, Creative Services, FSI, Website Development, Comps, Displays

IT & Telecom: IT Hardware, Software, IT Maintenance & Support, IT Consulting, IT Outsourcing, Telecom Hardware, Telecom Data & Voice Services

Raw Material & Direct: Chemicals, Metals, Plastics, Food Ingredients, Coal, Energy, Textiles, Electronics, Subcomponents, Finished Goods, Others

GEP has years of experience managing end-to-end sourcing activities for global enterprises — we oversee more than $300 billion in annual spend, and that includes both indirect and direct spend categories. We understand that direct and indirect sourcing teams have distinct goals, and we are proud of the trust our clients place in us to deliver exceptional results on both fronts.

Global Footprint

GEP’s strategic sourcing consulting operation has a strong presence worldwide — one that rivals the better-known, highly specialized strategic sourcing companies. While onsite, GEP staffers typically drive program management, engage functional stakeholders, support change management and oversee implementation. GEP's offices and operations centers in major markets worldwide provide analytical horsepower, market intelligence and execution support to our onsite teams across the world.

This model ensures good communication and engagement, delivering faster time-to-value and higher return on investment for clients spread broadly across diffuse locations and industries.