Procurement Processes Design

Efficient and effective processes are a prerequisite for a successful business — and even more so for a procurement organization. Optimal process design is crucial to cut down sourcing cycle times, achieve transactional efficiencies and derive maximum value.

With increasingly complex supply chains and globalized operations, enterprises need robust procurement processes in place to achieve the right balance between standardization and flexibility, and to ensure better compliance, control and monitoring.

At GEP, we typically follow a four-pronged approach toward procurement process design to develop best-in-class processes for today's procurement organizations.

  • Process Assessment

  • Process Redesign

  • Process Implementation

  • Continuous Improvement

Process Assessment

At GEP, we believe "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." We collate all process-related data of your business — activities, technology systems, approval mechanisms, time and cost — to see what's good and what needs to improve. Our experts map each process KPI and benchmark it against leading practices. We evaluate current tools for effectiveness and identify opportunities for automation or consolidation.

Process Redesign

After process assessment, we develop a "to-be" process that is best suited for your business. Our experts identify the various financial, technological and people-related change implications, and develop a detailed road map to mitigate them. A plan for allocation of additional resources — technology and/or people — is then chalked out. Finally, a business case is prepared, quantifying the costs and benefits of the new process design.

Process Implementation

Even the best-designed processes can go wrong if not implemented properly. To roll out the new process design, we prepare and document the standard operating procedures for all key tasks. Tools and templates for the new processes are developed. To ensure smooth migration to new processes, we create a detailed migration plan that includes communication and training programs for change management, with realistic timelines.

Continuous Improvement

At GEP, we pursue continuous improvement and innovation — so we don't just stop at creating and implementing the new process design. We work with you to assign process ownership and develop robust Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor, control and fine-tune the process on a continuous basis. We also create review mechanisms and develop methodologies to help you measure the KPIs and achieve maximum process efficiency.