Synchronizing the Value Chain Synchronizing the Value Chain


Disruptions such as COVID-19 have shown that sub-optimal supply chains can bring even the strongest businesses to a standstill. Gaps in planning and forecasting can cause a bullwhip effect from end users to suppliers, throwing carefully crafted processes and revenue streams into disarray. With the ongoing supply and demand disruptions dominating discussions in boardrooms worldwide, it’s clear that better collaborative planning is essential to minimizing uncertainty and getting everyone — inside organizations and throughout supplier networks — on the same page.   

GEP’s collaborative planning approach uses best practices that address gaps and pinpoints root causes to minimize uncertainty. Our collaborative planning software and services improves resilience in your supply chain by:

  • Integrating disparate data sources, common data structures and hierarchies, thereby setting a strong foundation for seamless collaboration
  • Serving as a single source of truth with real-time updates to all internal functions and external partners
  • Providing end-to-end visibility through the timely, secure flow of information
  • Automating and integrating all inputs into a single executable plan, resulting in a low cost to serve

GEP’s supply chain collaborative planning solution offerings

By using GEP’s collaborative planning services and software solutions, hundreds of blue chip organizations have achieved end-to-end supply chain connectivity and collaboration across internal value chain functions and with external partners, customers and suppliers at all levels. Our key offerings in this area include:

What you gain