Data-Driven Insights to Supercharge Supply Chains Data-Driven Insights to Supercharge Supply Chains


High-performing demand planning and forecasting are the cornerstones of an effectively-managed supply chain operation. GEP NEXXETM empowers your enterprise with best-in-class demand planning software. It leverages real-time data with advanced AI and machine learning technology to predict demand with higher accuracy, efficiency and reliability — to help optimize and refine forecasting with more precision.

Drive Efficiencies and Growth Across Your Supply Chain Networks

An effective demand planning and forecasting software ecosystem allows for cost-efficient budgeting from streamlined supply chain planning and raw material sourcing to more accurate and effective production planning. Access to analytics and insights in real time enhances the enterprise’s ability to respond and react quickly as issues arise, driving measurable improvements in finding and isolating business risk.

GEP NEXXE offers world-class demand planning software tools that amplify agility and scalability — and accelerate profitability and growth throughout your enterprise. Make strategic and informed decisions, improve inventory and supplier management, slash risk — and boost profitability exponentially from one unified platform.


Why Choose Our AI Powered Demand Planning and Forecasting Software

GEP NEXXE (Supply Chain Platform) offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge demand planning and forecasting capabilities. Explore some of its key features:

Consensus Planning

Leverage the power of collaboration between business functions across the organization, teams and stakeholders to drive effective consensus planning to generate high-performing forecasts with increased accuracy and reliability.

Demand Sensing

Apply data intelligence from historical trends and market indices in real time. GEP NEXXE can effectively “sense” events and conditions that will impact your business before they occur. Whether you need to adjust short-term demand issues or refine inventory replenishment plans, the technology can correlate and alert supply chain teams ahead of time.

What-If Scenarios

Use what-if scenarios to simulate changes to forecasts in real time, enhancing your enterprise’s ability to proactively plan for a spectrum of possible demand situations and conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of GEP MINERVA™ — GEP’s proprietary AI technology — which exploits the advanced, self-correcting capabilities of machine learning to identify patterns, capture demand signals and generate forecasts with precise accuracy and reliability over time.

Real-Time Data

Utilize enhanced data-based insights, capturing real-time data from sensors and IoT connected devices to keep your enterprise up to speed on external factors that could dramatically affect demand — including market changes, weather or social and geo-political variables.

Recommended Actions

Capitalize on the prodigious power of the cloud with GEP NEXXE’s next-generation, cloud-native digital supply chain platform to maximize computing power and optimize data-driven insights to drive enhanced demand planning and forecasting.

Drive Business Transformation Across the Enterprise

  • Improve Forecast Accuracy Improve_Forecast_Accuracy
  • Boost Supply Chain Agility Boost_Supply_Chain_Agility
  • Enhance Scalability Enhance_Scalability
  • Tailor to Your Needs Tailor_to_Your_Needs
  • Reduce Risk Reduce_Risk
  • Optimize Inventory Levels Optimize_Inventory_Levels
Improve Forecast Accuracy


Improve Forecast Accuracy

The sophisticated, self-learning capabilities of GEP MINERVA — GEP’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology — powers GEP NEXXE’s demand planning solution to drive insights and indicators into demand, dramatically enhancing supply chain forecasting that predicts and plans with precise accuracy and reliability over time.

Boost Supply Chain Agility


Boost Supply Chain Agility

With best-in-class, demand planning and forecasting tools, GEP NEXXE accelerates agility, enabling your enterprise to quickly react and respond to real-time variables and volatile market conditions — and adjust plans before they impact the business.

Enhance Scalability


Enhance Scalability

GEP NEXXE harnesses the immense computing power of data lakes to drive enhanced demand planning and forecasting, enabling dramatically increased flexibility and agility of your enterprise to scale supply up or down to meet the demand cycle and ultimately enhance supply chain agility.

Tailor to Your Needs


Tailor to Your Needs

Leverage GEP NEXXE’s completely configurable and customizable dashboard to gain a deeper understanding of demand at a granular level with comprehensive, and enhanced visibility into key metrics including: History vs. forecast, key customers and geo-located forecasting.

Reduce Risk


Reduce Risk

Take risk out of demand planning and forecasting. GEP NEXXE offers next generation tools that sense and track real-time demand, enabling swift reaction to fluctuations in the supply chain to meet or exceed customer and inventory demand without negatively impacting spend, contracts or supplier relationships.

Optimize Inventory Levels


Optimize Inventory Levels

The GEP NEXXE demand planning and forecasting software enables your enterprise to run lean and reduce stockouts to optimize your inventory levels and improve inventory management.