End-to-End Visibility for Enhanced Supply Chain Execution End-to-End Visibility for Enhanced Supply Chain Execution

Supply chain visibility & execution software for complete transformation

Visibility into all of the inner workings of your supply chain operation are crucial to managing a high-performing supply chain. Tracking and locating all of your material assets and planned supply from internal sources and external partners is challenging in today’s operations where disparate systems and antiquated processes rule the status quo. It’s important to have visibility into planned supply and risk in ever-changing global conditions, so that prompt decisions can be made in case of disruptive events.

As inventory moves through your logistics operation into your warehouse or out to your customers, clear and easily viewed information serves the dual purpose of creating accountability in your operation as well as your partners’ and vendors’. Real-time supply chain visibility helps drive economies of scale as costs go down when processes and the teams managing inventory movements are able to function more efficiently.

Transform your supply chain operations with GEP NEXXE™ Supply Chain Visibility and Execution Software. GEP NEXXE offers a complete, end-to-end view of your logistics, inventory and warehouse management processes and people in real time. Take advantage of low-touch and mobile-enabled transactions for warehouses and logistics, visibility into inventory across all locations and with all trading partners from sites across all warehouses and transportation systems. From air freight and shipping cargo all the way down to the exact bin level in the warehouse, leverage total visibility into shipments and inventory on the move.

Elevated Supply Chain Visibility for Improved Responsiveness

Maximize your supply chain performance with GEP NEXXE. Get complete, end-to-end visibility throughout your supply chain ecosystem, enabling clarity, control and execution of your entire operation. Capture supply data in real time — and boost your ability to quickly react and respond to roadblocks in logistics, warehouse and inventory management and take corrective action.

Use GEP NEXXE Inventory and Warehouse Management solution for execution-level activities such as shipping, goods receipt (GR), picking, goods issue, stock transfer and cycle count enabled via low-touch, mobile-enabled workflows. Gain visibility into inventory across all stock types including consigned inventory, reserved inventory, quarantined inventory and inventory available for production and distribution.

Through GEP NEXXE Supply Chain Control Tower, exploit inventory data using a combination of demand and supply visibility tools to optimize supply chain operations throughout your ecosystem. Powered by GEP MINERVA™, our proprietary AI technology, GEP NEXXE Control Tower enables predictive alerting, keeping your organization many steps ahead of potential problems in your supply chain.

Discover How GEP NEXXE Boosts Visibility for Better Execution

Take advantage of heightened visibility into inventory, shipments, demand and supply across all sites and all types, drilled down to a granular level. End-to-end visibility across inventory, demand and supply offers automated replenishment suggestions, enabling seamless execution against suggested replenishments.

Low-touch, mobile-enabled transactions facilitate improved efficiency of shipping, GR, picking, goods issue, stock transfer, and cycle count. GEP NEXXE supply chain management software supports packages with container constructs, which allows for more efficient tracking with an enhanced ability to track at the lot and batch level.

Leverage next-generation intelligence and predictive alerting capabilities of GEP MINERVA to analyze patterns within data and identify potential solutions to problem areas in the supply chain before they happen. Use predictive alerting to rapidly adjust plans and proactively execute new strategies or mitigate risk before issues arise.

Handle action items immediately and effectively in the collaborative Situation Room. Keep track of problem sources, assign role-based teams, create action-oriented resolution objectives and gauge the business impact of supply chain deviations in real time with other users.


Gain real-time visibility on the current status of an individual action in relation to its course to resolution in the Situation Room. Evaluate the business impact of actions and determine the best course of action moving forward.

Best-in-class SCM Tools for Deep Visibility and Efficient Execution

Inventory And Warehouse Management

Gain complete real-time access across all your inventory and warehouse locations with a map-based view that provides inventory summaries, stock visibility and status updates. The GEP NEXXE mobile app allows for updates from warehouse locations that are integrated into the platform, which is integrated into your ERP.

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Logistics Visibility

Get real-time visibility of raw materials, components and finished goods in transport, integrated with invoicing. Embedded telematics provides rich, intelligent information combined with RFID support for packages and containers. See expected arrival time, wait time or demurrage. Seamless integration with GEP NEXXE Control Tower provides alerts for immediate resolution of issues.

Control Tower

GEP NEXXE ensures your teams always have real-time visibility across all operations with Control Tower’s predictive alerting, status tracking and recommended actions. The central dashboard provides an end-to-end view of all workflows, reinforcing control and helping determine the business impact of deviations. Take action with Situation Room functionality that allows for collaborative issue resolution.

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Why Choose GEP NEXXE Supply Chain Visibility and Execution Software

Reduced Inventory Costs

Achieve a significant reduction in inventory costs through global inventory visibility. Comprehensive visibility into supply and demand facilitates optimized inventory levels, reducing safety stock targets and obsolescence.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Take advantage of elevated visibility into market changes and roadblocks to increase responsiveness and accelerate customer satisfaction throughout your supply chain network.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Boost efficiency of warehouse operations with mobile-enabled, low-touch transactions for shipping, GR, goods issue, stock transfer, cycle count and quality management. Up productivity and keep the focus on value-adding tasks with automated replenishment suggestions and automated and proactive issue resolution.

A Single Version of the Truth

Empower your enterprise with a single version of the truth. A unified platform creates comprehensive visibility across functional boundaries, and your suppliers, contract manufacturers, transportation carriers and third-party logistics.