Solar Tech Company Saves 5$ Plus Millions On Logistics Procurement

Solar Tech Company Saves Millions

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Tech enterprises can evolve with incredible speed — the rapid adoption of new, paradigm-busting technology can challenge tried-and-true business models and competitive structures in a flash.

Facing continual requirements for large capital investments and intense competition, an expanding number of tech companies are rethinking their approach to sourcing and procurement.

That’s where GEP can help — in fact, sourcing and procurement services, software and procurement outsourcing from GEP already help technology leaders like Adobe and Charter Communications save millions on direct and indirect spend. That means our clients can deploy capital more productively and achieve competitive advantage, while significantly improving the bottom line.

The flexibility of the solutions is a real advantage for us because our sourcing initiative will continue to evolve and we believe that GEP technology can accommodate these changes.
– Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Starwood

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