Supply Chain Software

GEP NEXXE™ is an AI-powered, digital supply chain platform that provides market-leading enterprises unprecedented levels of supply chain visibility, intelligence, agility and resilience.

Designed for complex, global demand and supply networks, GEP NEXXE supply chain software helps enterprises prepare for and respond to rapidly changing market dynamics with real-time visibility and control over the end-to-end supply chain.

Anchored by a central control tower, GEP NEXXE delivers robust, comprehensive supply chain management functionality — planning, visibility, collaboration and execution — in a single, unified cloud-native platform. Powered by GEP MINERVA™, GEP’s proprietary AI technology, GEP NEXXE provides superior forecasting and analytics capabilities for effective demand and supply management. 

Native to cloud, GEP NEXXE for supply chain integrates quickly and easily with all third-party and legacy ERP systems. And it works seamlessly with GEP SMART™to offer a comprehensive, unified platform for source-to-pay and supply chain management.


  • Maximize Visibility, Optimize Results
  • Seamlessly Integrate With ERPs
  • Artificial Intelligence, Real Insights
  • Intuitive Supply Chain Platform
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Harness the Full Power of Your Data

Maximize Visibility, Optimize Results


Maximize Visibility, Optimize Results

GEP NEXXE provides your organization with an end-to-end view of supply chain planning, visibility and execution on a single platform. View real-time data and status updates at all stages across your enterprise’s supply chain ecosystem to gain new levels of control.

Seamlessly Integrate With ERPs


Seamlessly Integrate With ERPs

GEP NEXXE is native to the cloud and hosted on Microsoft Azure, the most secure, powerful, and flexible platform around. This allows it to connect with your enterprise’s legacy ERP systems across any system anywhere in the world, no on-site installation or disruptive replacement process necessary.

Artificial Intelligence, Real Insights


Artificial Intelligence, Real Insights

Powered by GEP MINERVA, GEP’s proprietary AI technology, our algorithms can predict future outcomes based on contextual information and recommend business actions. This enables improved planning and productivity in your supply chain organization and creates real business value for your enterprise.

Intuitive Supply Chain Platform


Intuitive Supply Chain Platform

Eschew the need for specialized consultants with a platform that can integrate multiple ERPs and unlock the full potential of your data. No coding knowledge needed. Designed for citizen developers, GEP NEXXE empowers your enterprise’s IT organization, improves planning and productivity – and accelerates the implementation cycle.

Easy to Deploy


Easy to Deploy

GEP NEXXE’s architecture allows you to deploy one component at a time, saving effort and hassle – and allowing your organization to integrate at your own pace. GEP’s focus on intuitive design and user experience has resulted in some of the highest adoption rates in the industry with a plethora of visually appealing features, easy-to-use interfaces and dashboards.

Harness the Full Power of Your Data


Harness the Full Power of Your Data

GEP NEXXE leverages a central data lake and the power of AI to unlock the full potential of your data and turn it into actionable insights that drive real business growth.

Unified, AI-Powered Supply Chain Platform

Unified, AI-Powered Supply Chain Platform


State-Of-The-Art Supply Chain Software Tools

  • Visibility and Execution

  • Collaboration

  • Planning

Visibility and Execution


Transform your supply chain operations with GEP NEXXE Visibility and Execution Suite. Our wide range of supply chain visibility and execution tools help you get complete, end-to-end visibility throughout your supply chain ecosystem, enabling clarity, control and execution of your entire operation. Read More

Inventory And Warehouse Management

Gain complete real-time access across all your inventory and warehouse locations with a map-based view that provides inventory summaries, stock visibility and status updates. The GEP NEXXE mobile app allows for updates from warehouse locations that are integrated into the platform, which is integrated into your ERP.

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Logistics Visibility

Get real-time visibility of raw materials, components and finished goods in transport, integrated with invoicing. Embedded telematics provides rich, intelligent information combined with RFID support for packages and containers. See expected arrival time, wait time or demurrage. Seamless integration with GEP NEXXE Control Tower provides alerts for immediate resolution of issues.

Control Tower

GEP NEXXE ensures your teams always have real-time visibility across all operations with Control Tower’s predictive alerting, status tracking and recommended actions. The central dashboard provides an end-to-end view of all workflows, reinforcing control and helping determine the business impact of deviations. Take action with Situation Room functionality that allows for collaborative issue resolution.

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The GEP NEXXE Collaboration Suite enables real-time collaboration with your supply chain partners to balance supply and demand and ensure accurate and timely delivery. Our collaboration tools leverage advanced AI, analytics and machine learning to drive action-oriented resolution and boost profitability. Read More

Forecast Collaboration

Take advantage of multi-tier collaboration with suppliers and contract manufacturers by sharing near and long-term demand forecasts. Provide early insights for effective capacity planning and commits while allowing suppliers to share their upside commits. Help automate decision-making and plan for upside-demand swings — and collaborate on near-term forecasts at a granular level.

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Purchase Order Collaboration

Track POs through the entire lifecycle including supplier acceptance, expedites and de-expedites, shipments, receipts and invoices. Collaborate with suppliers on discrete POs and the blanket order process. Exceptions and alerts are based on 3-way, 4-way mismatch capabilities with seamless integration with GEP NEXXE Control Tower functions for total visibility.

Capacity Collaboration

Collaborate with contract manufacturers on any and all manufacturing capacity issues. Know ahead of time when planned shutdowns or seasonal maintenance cycles will take effect. In addition, you can collaborate on other issues, such as surge requirements and overtime issues, before plant delays make a negative impact on your supply chain.

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With a wide range of best-in-class AI-powered tools, the GEP NEXXE Planning Suite enables business planning across your enterprise. Our elaborate range of SCM planning tools help you drive greater profitability, increase customer satisfaction and move a step closer to achieving your business goals. Read More

Demand Planning

Improve forecast accuracy and increase service levels with GEP NEXXE’s Demand Planning tool. A suite of machine learning algorithms can be used across intersections of geographic and customer hierarchy, enabling consensus planning within organizations in your enterprise. Ascertain influence factors and capture trends for more granular and accurate future forecasts.

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Supply Planning

Ensure efficient demand prioritization via accurate and timely allocation of capacity and material constraints. Create a master plan schedule that accounts for any constraints. Generate supply plans that you can compare against demand plans — and marry with your bill of materials and bill of resources — to help make material and service requirements plans.

Logistics Planning

Automatically create optimized transportation plans based on planned activities for operations, such as manufacturing or in the oil and gas vertical for exploration, drilling and production. Generate optimal short-term route planning or long-term fleet requirements. When integrated with the execution suite, you can optimize your scheduling with the most up-to-date information.


Enable strategic price planning of goods and services. Clear visibility into cost drivers and cost breakdown structures equal more savings and efficiencies. Compare to actuals at any given point in time. Our price element library is linked to market indices for cost evolution. The cost model can be used in negotiations when sourcing and guidance for budgeting.

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Next-Gen Technology

GEP NEXXE represents the next generation of supply chain software solutions — a cloud-native, AI-powered and data-centric platform that can maximize the full potential of the latest technologies to deliver real business value.

The Best of Both Worlds

Legacy ERPs contain critical data and involve massive investments that an enterprise cannot just throw out. Instead of replacing ERPs, GEP NEXXE works with them, harnessing their full power and maximizing their potential.

Flexible to Your Needs

GEP NEXXE is built on a floating foundation of data which enables the platform to adapt to specific business requirements and release individual functions without having to deploy the full solution. Deploy and use GEP NEXXE as per your business needs.

Everywhere and Anywhere

The cloud-native platform ensures that your enterprise will not need to change its technology infrastructure to start using GEP NEXXE. The supply chain software solution can be deployed across global locations simultaneously without the need for on-site installation. Access your supply chain network anywhere in the world or on any device with mobile app integration.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

GEP NEXXE uses state-of-the-art technology, including our AI-engine, GEP MINERVA, to give your supply chain organization the latest tools and techniques to deal with a dynamic and interconnected business environment. Access data from multiple supplier and logistics partners in real time.

The Complete S2P-SCM Solution

GEP NEXXE works seamlessly with GEP SMART to create the world’s only complete Source-to-Pay and Supply Chain Software solution. Unify your procurement and supply chain organizations to drive business value to your enterprise with the global leaders in digital procurement and supply chain transformation.


Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud-based supply chain software ensures your enterprise doesn’t have to set up, replace or change its existing technology infrastructure to integrate the new, advanced functionalities or software solutions. A cloud-based supply chain software solution can be deployed across global locations simultaneously without the need for on-site installation. Cloud-based solutions also have the ability to scale based on usage, so organizations can focus on solving the supply chain business problems vs. worry about having enough capacity. Not only that, you can access your supply chain network anywhere in the world, on any device with mobile app integration — which ensures you have real-time, end-to-end visibility.

A unified supply chain software solution provides comprehensive SCM functionality — planning, visibility, collaboration and execution — on one single platform that seamlessly integrates with all third-party and legacy ERP systems.

Key advantages of a unified supply chain software:

  • Scalable and high-performance architecture
  • Flexible workflow capability
  • Intelligent item duplication prevention
  • Classification of item and supplier master data
  • Intuitive and configurable user interface for easy user adoption
  • Decision making done holistically and not in silos

An ERP software is a system primarily designed to interconnect multiple departments within an organization by sharing data and managing information. That said, it lacks the agility and flexibility to address the challenges of dynamic business environments.

A supply chain software is much more than an ERP software. Apart from comprehensively integrating all the functions on one single platform, it helps enterprises prepare for and respond to rapidly changing market dynamics with end-to-end visibility and absolute control over the entire supply chain.

Most supply chain software today are modular, which means exchanging critical data across systems may get difficult and result in errors. Made by and for supply chain professionals, GEP NEXXE integrates with all third-party and legacy ERP systems to provide comprehensive supply chain visibility and control on a single, unified platform.

Cloud-native, AI-powered and data-centric, GEP NEXXE works seamlessly with GEP SMART to create the world’s only complete source-to-pay and supply chain software solution.

With next generation technology at the core, GEP NEXXE makes it easy to configure your unique workflows based on your supply chain business processes with the flexibility and low code platform it provides.