Supply Chain Network Optimization

GEP focuses on building a comprehensive network strategy that aligns the network to long-term business strategy and allows for an ongoing evaluation of assets as business and environmental conditions change.

  • Comprehensive digital view and optimization, helps simulate current network flows and optimize desired parameters.
  • Network optimization combined with inventory analysis to provide realistic inventory cost estimates
  • Optimization objectives include service levels and carbon footprint.
  • Modular and customizable tools according to requirements
  • Mode optimization

A concurrent review of manufacturing, distribution and contract manufacturing footprint using GEP ‘Transformative’ framework can increase the impact by more than 2X.

GEP’s supply chain network strategy & optimization solution offerings

We help enhance order to delivery service levels by optimizing manufacturing and distribution network. Using our proprietary software tool, we help you achieve structural efficiencies by aligning the right node to the right market. We also enable effective footprint optimization by running a variety of scenarios and guiding you through execution.

Our key offerings in this area include:

  • Network structure and strategy
  • Digital network optimization service
  • Digital factory rationalization service

What makes GEP different

  • Modular, scalable AI-based tool to solve multi-echelon network optimization problems
  • Extensive experience in logistics procurement managing USD 1 trillion in spend annually
  • Sensitivity analysis by creating realistic forecast or target and stress-test key parameters
  • Deep understanding of market nuances through should-cost models

What you gain

  • Decreased logistics costs
  • One-time cash gains through disinvestments
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Improved ability to scale as business grows
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Greater flexibility to handle disruptions

Network Strategy / Footprint Optimisation