User-Centric Design

The success of any technology depends on how easy it is to implement and use. A software with powerful, comprehensive functionality but complex and difficult to use can rarely drive the expected efficiency and business results.

But it’s not just the ease of use. In today’s consumerized economy and app-driven world, enterprise users are expecting the same experience from their business applications — sleek, minimalistic interfaces and intuitive navigation that requires minimal or no training.

Designed for Performance. Designed for Success

GEP Software is based on cutting-edge design and usability standards with a user-centric design philosophy at its heart. Simple to use but comprehensive in capability, GEP Software lets you drive significant savings and performance with little or no training required. Right from the choice of colors and fonts for improved legibility to intuitive navigation based on the usual work flow.

GEP Software is as powerful and capability rich as it is easy to use. Powerful, complex, fully functional software that is as any consumer product, with an intuitive, attractive interface and a rewarding user experience.

Think of it, a software platform that delivers the results and is easy, and dare we say it, fun to use? That’s GEP Software.


Unified Procurement Platform

Spend Analysis

Understand spend quickly and easily. Move from line-item to enterprise-wide with a click. Optimize savings opportunities based on your sourcing strategy

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Savings Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into your cost-savings initiatives and their impact. Eliminate redundancy and error from data capture, tracking and measurement

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Quickly identify, evaluate and qualify new suppliers. Streamline your RFX-to-award cycle, achieve best-value agreements whenever you source

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