Catalog Management with GEP SMART™ Catalog Management with GEP SMART™

Catalog Management Software Solutions

Align catalogs to mission-critical categories and ensure purchasing remains consistent with your savings targets. Host product content yourself or give your suppliers control; the choice is yours. Empower suppliers to instantaneously transmit changes in pricing and product information, and make new products available at the earliest opportunity. With the catalog management solution from GEP SMART™, managing end-to-end catalog life cycles has never been easier, more efficient and effective.

With GEP SMART, you remain firmly in the driver’s seat — updates made by the supplier to any catalog can be easily reviewed, approved or rejected at your discretion, prior to publishing. The configurable approval workflow and the catalog update functionality with versioning and change control, guarantees that you have complete oversight of what the company can purchase.

GEP SMART catalog management software also allows for auto-classification of catalog specifics, such as punch-out items. Customized content and personalized shopping experiences can be created for every group and the users will always buy from the right channel thanks to GEP SMART’s Guided Buying. Consolidate your purchases and drive higher savings with blanket orders. Boost contract utilization and compliance to transform negotiated terms into realized savings with contract management systems. Maintain, update, refresh or migrate catalogs with catalog maintenance.

All of this can be achieved with GEP SMART’s catalog management software functions. And what’s more, GEP SMART includes easy integration with any ERP or third-party system, effortlessly offering a unified platform for all your P2P operations — ideal for enterprises seeking to simplify, streamline, and speed up global catalog management.


The flexibility of the solutions is a real advantage for us because our sourcing initiative will continue to evolve and we believe that GEP's procurement technology can accommodate these changes.

— Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at Starwood Hotels and Resorts


Punch-out Catalogs

No more of manual catalog maintenance. Find a consolidated list of items from all supplier websites, external procurement applications or hosted e-procurement systems at one place – GEP SMART

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Hosted Catalogs

Eliminate the need to integrate complicated e-commerce systems or rely on third-party operators – GEP SMART’s hosted catalogs make it easier for suppliers to sell more and for enterprises to buy better

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Guided Buying

Purchase goods and services through the best buy-pay channel and from preferred suppliers. Fine-tune the guided buying process to suit your buying preferences and drive higher compliance with GEP SMART

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Blanket Order

Effectively manage recurring, pre-specified purchases, drive higher purchasing compliance and achieve leaner operations with artificial intelligence powered GEP SMART

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Catalog Maintenance

Provide your suppliers access to maintain, update and refresh their catalogs, and customize pricing and inventory and enjoy a familiar shopping experience

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Contract Utilization

Track your contract utilization and evaluate whether or not your hard-negotiated contracts are delivering optimal value and savings with GEP SMART