Governance & Performance

Congratulations, you’ve crafted an impeccable procurement strategy — but without effective governance and performance management systems, you’re unlikely to get the results you wanted. When you consider the continuing expansion of the roles and responsibilities of procurement organizations, having an effective governance model in place becomes even more critical.

GEP helps clients establish highly effective governance and performance management systems to ensure success of their procurement transformation programs. We ensure that your enterprise has just the right framework — processes, tools and policies — to drive higher compliance and performance for your procurement organization. We also help you establish key metrics — financial, customer, operational, and innovation, among others — for your procurement organization that can efficiently measure performance throughout the life cycle of the transformation program.

  • Compliance Management

  • KPI Management

  • Capability Building

  • Tech-Driven Approach

Compliance Management

Be it strategic sourcing or contract management, or any other procurement process — compliance is key to ensuring sustainable results from procurement transformation initiatives. We adopt a continuous improvement approach toward compliance management that incorporates compliance tracking, identification of non-compliance levers, and an action plan for compliance improvement. We offer customized dashboards for client-specific processes to simplify and optimize compliance management.

KPI Management

Without effective performance management mechanisms in place, it’s impossible to sustain the results achieved from a procurement transformation program. GEP helps enterprises measure and reward performance. We leverage our experience of working with best-in-class procurement organizations and develop a comprehensive performance management system for your enterprise with role-wise KPIs — for business leaders, suppliers and employees — with an open feedback loop to build an ecosystem that promotes superior performance.

Capability Building

At GEP, we believe capability building starts with identifying your business needs, developing the right procurement strategy, and then creating a robust organization with the proper people, processes and technology to attain your business goals. Based on your business objectives and a comprehensive procurement capability assessment, we help you determine your scalability needs and achieve the desired responsiveness for your procurement function.

Tech-Driven Approach

GEP leverages innovative source-to-pay technology to help clients get better compliance and performance from their procurement teams. Our unified source-to-pay procurement software platform, GEP SMARTTM , offers comprehensive compliance and performance dashboards to enable fluid information, process and workflow, yielding enhanced visibility and effective decision-making.