Building a Next-Gen Partnership Ecosystem Building a Next-Gen Partnership Ecosystem

GEP Partner United

The GEP partner program aims to expand our global partnership ecosystem of leading systems integrators, channel partners and technology providers who specialize in procurement and supply chain. Designed to help our customers achieve transformative results, GEP Partner United allows alliance partners to build a sustainable and dedicated GEP delivery practice through co-selling and focused partner enablement. The GEP partnership ecosystem also presents enterprises with the opportunity to enhance their GEP SOFTWARE™ experience by developing custom integrations.

An Alliance of Industry Leaders

Our partnership ecosystem features a select group of companies — all global domain leaders with deep expertise in procurement and supply chain.

Organizations in the GEP partnership ecosystem share our commitment to delivering outsized improvements in business agility, productivity, and cost savings.

GEP Partner United exhibits the award-winning commitment and class-leading performance that our clients have come to expect from GEP. With a clientele that includes over 550+ leading global enterprises and Fortune 500 companies from over 30 industry verticals, GEP is the fastest-growing enterprise-scale solution provider for market leaders.


The GEP Partnership Ecosystem

Expand your business by leveraging the GEP Partner United program and the GEP technology platform to get a unique competitive edge in the market.

Grow your customer base across different industries while developing vertical expertise, delivery methodology and unique delivery assets.

Access a world-class learning management system to train associates on using the GEP technology platform.

Build a focused strategy for sales and go-to-market by leveraging GEP’s business development expertise across:

  • Business planning
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Business reviews and briefings
  • Co-selling, lead and pipeline management
  • Joint account planning