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Stay Ahead of Disruptions with GEP NEXXE’s Supply Chain Capacity Collaboration Software

GEP NEXXETM helps fortify supplier relationships by enabling collaboration with contract manufacturers on manufacturing capacity issues for timely, up-to-date information of their production capability. Stay ahead of disruptions with advance information on planned shutdowns or seasonal maintenance cycles. With the advanced supply chain capacity collaboration software, seamlessly manage surge requirements and overtime issues before plant delays make a negative impact on your supply chain.

GEP NEXXE (supply chain system) gives you the power to do more. Capture demand changes with end-to-end visibility and enhance supplier collaboration to drive value across the enterprise. Get granular-level real-time inventory visibility and reduce inventory liabilities to maximize profits. Know actual vendor capacity well ahead of time — to optimize inventory and meet customer demand.


Capacity Collaboration to Reinforce Control and Drive Value Across Your Enterprise

Share Capacity Numbers

Enable supplier and contract manufacturing operations to share capacity data for better synergy and improved supply chain planning.

View Data at Aggregate Level

Get access to aggregate-level supply capacity data on a daily or monthly basis.

Control Tower Alerts

Get real-time visibility across your supply chain operations with the Control Tower’s predictive alerting and status tracking — so that you can reinforce control, determine the business impact of deviations and act on the recommended actions.

Capacity Change Alert

Keep your buyers notified of any change in capacity with the help of the capacity collaboration software — to consistently ensure proper configuration.

Why Choose Our Capacity Collaboration Software

  • End-to-End Visibility End-to-End-Visibility
  • Share Updates Share_Updates
  • Capacity Mismatch Alert Capacity_Mismatch_Alert
  • Plan Better Plan_Better
End-to-End Visibility


End-to-End Visibility

Take advantage of advanced, granular visibility to gain insight into product-specific production rate by item group.

Share Updates


Share Updates

Contract manufacturing operations can share relevant updates, ranging from holiday calendars to possible overtime capacity, for buyers to quickly assess operations and overall capacity available at a glance.

Capacity Mismatch Alert


Capacity Mismatch Alert

Optimize your inventory with real-time capacity mismatch alerts. Mitigate the risk of bloated inventory and other issues in your supply chain process. With the GEP NEXXE supply chain capacity collaboration software, you will be prepared to react in advance and prevent disruption.

Plan Better


Plan Better

With real-time visibility across your enterprise’s supply chain ecosystem, foresee actual vendor capacity — because meeting customer demand requires optimal inventory management.