Transformative power of procurement technology Transformative power of procurement technology

Digital Procurement Transformation

The digital transformation of procurement is underway.

Artificial intelligence, cloud, mobile, blockchain, big data and quantum computing ― the development of these digital technologies is accelerating, upturning conventions and shredding playbooks with each new breakthrough.

Get out in front of it ― lead. Talk to GEP, the industry’s leading global provider of unified procurement software, about the opportunities with digital procurement transformation. We can help you channelize digital disruption into an amazing forward momentum with GEP SMART ― the industry’s leading cloud-native, unified source-to-pay platform.

The GEP SMART digital platform continually integrates new and emerging digital technologies, the strategic insight and creative problem-solving skills of one of the world’s leading procurement strategy teams, and two decades of experience helping transform some of the world’s most complex global enterprise procurement organizations.

We believe that platform-driven digital procurement transformation delivers better results ― more quickly, more comprehensively and more reliably.

Yes, you’ll see big gains in productivity and lower costs. But best of all, your teams will perform better, achieve more aggressive savings targets and have the wherewithal to address the next set of challenges. That makes everybody happy.

GEP SMART the Platform For Digital Procurement Transformation

What Is Digital Disruption?

When we talk about disruption, we’re talking about a profound break in continuity. What we think and what we do. What works and what doesn’t. It’s all in flux.

Digital technologies are impacting every aspect of sourcing and procurement ― strategy, work process, people, tools and skill sets. And while it’s a real challenge, digital disruption presents huge opportunities. More efficient, effective operations. Happier, productive colleagues. Delighted customers. GEP will get you there.

What Is Digital Procurement Transformation?

Digital procurement transformation is the radical reconceptualization and reorganization of procurement strategy, processes, people, skill sets and support systems, triggered by new and emerging digital technologies. New possibilities are made actionable, resulting in outsized gains and a more agile, more competitive organization. Both the process and the results are transformative.

Future-Proof Your Procurement Team With GEP DIGITAL™

GEP is working with global enterprises worldwide to map the future of procurement. Our record of continual digital innovation ― cloud, mobile and touch technologies, consumerized applications environment, user-specific workflows and interfaces, a natively unified digital platform ― is only matched by the outsized returns we deliver.

  • Unified Platform
  • User Experience
  • Mobility
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Supply Chain

Check out the features of our Digital Procurement Transformation Software.

Our unified approach to digital procurement transformation helps clients more rapidly deploy the resources required to power a high-performance digital procurement organization. And the GEP SMART platform helps procurement teams quickly leverage innovative digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big-data analytics and cloud computing, to radically boost their performance.

Perhaps as importantly, GEP has the right mix of consulting, change management and technology capabilities to support your procurement team at every point in its digital transformation journey.

Digital Procurement Transformation Delivers

  • Enhanced speed, control and efficiency across all source-to-pay activities
  • Streamlined, lower-cost operations and superior performance
  • Reduction or elimination of routine tasks from work streams
  • Consumerized applications environment
  • Happier, more productive users
  • Rapid speed to value and significant ROI
  • Improved compliance and greater business agility
  • Real-time visibility across the source-to-pay value chain
  • Proactive monitoring and mitigation of supply chain risks
  • Actionable insights to support better decision-making
  • Increased capacity for improved service levels
  • More time for business advisory work and new modes of value creation

GEP has ready expertise with all major ERP, F&A and back-end systems, as well as legacy procurement applications, and the GEP SMART platform integrates easily across all of them.

To learn more about digital procurement transformation with GEP, contact us today.