Sharp Insights Into Cost Drivers for Sharper Product Pricing Sharp

GEP NEXXE Should-Cost Analysis Software For Enhanced Cost Visibility and Savings

GEP NEXXETM features a centralized should-cost modeling tool that enables supply chain teams to determine the true price of goods and services purchased at any given point in time.

The result – improved visibility into cost drivers, greater savings and better priced products.

Gain Deep Insights Into Cost Drivers, Set the Right Product Prices

Inadequate visibility into cost drivers — and the end-to-end production process — often lead to inaccurate pricing which can weaken your bargaining position with suppliers and make cost cutting difficult. It’s hard to compete on a product’s price without the right cost information. Poor visibility will eventually have a negative impact on your sales figures.

That’s where GEP NEXXE will help. Our should-cost modeling software gives you the power to understand all raw material and manufacturing cost drivers and is designed to help you achieve a final estimate closer to your target price – so you can unlock lucrative cost savings along the way.

Market-Linked Should-Cost Modeling Software for the Entire Enterprise


At GEP, our unmatched industry and category expertise and powerful, effective technology converge to provide clients with highly insightful should-cost analysis services.

Our cost engineers assist market-leading companies in identifying precise alterations to cost structures and schematic designs, capable of generating big savings through optimal product pricing.

Find out how our expertise can benefit your enterprise.

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Give your enterprise teams the means to collaborate and act on should-cost models. Capitalize on market fluctuations and price variations to enhance product designs, improve supplier negotiations and maximize cost savings across the supply chain.

GEP NEXXE (supply chain software) provides everyone — from category managers to sourcing experts to finance executives — the ability to create and view structured, multi-layered should-cost models that are sensitive to the price movement of market indices.

Should-Cost Modeling Tools That Drive Business Transformation

GEP NEXXE comes loaded with a comprehensive range of should-cost capabilities including market-index based forecasting, predictive analytics and direct data transfer to sourcing management. Discover its key features:

Real-Time User Alerts and Recommendations

Get instant updates about changes to cost model values and suggested steps to reduce costs with integrated full-feature dashboards.

Price and Trend Analysis

Increase visibility into values for more accurate forecasting with an AI-based engine that analyzes existing prices, assesses trends and market indices and compares should-cost against actuals.

Unified, Collaborative Functionality

Upload multiple cost models, and seamlessly connect third-party databases and disparate systems to gain real- and near-real-time data for accurate cost estimates.

Historical Evolution of Cost Models

Compare costs and market indices over time, and drill down into each element in a model for greater visibility into the cost drivers and the cost breakdown structure.

Price Element Library

Gain insights for negotiation as prices evolve by accessing cost structures with elements linked to market indices.

Integration with Sourcing

The cost estimation workbench allows comparison of suggested prices with historical prices on POs, contracts, bids — and seamlessly integrates with sourcing prices sheets.

Why Choose Our Cost Modeling Software Tool

  • Easy Setup
  • Total Visibility
  • Predictive Analytics
  • No Manual Updates
Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Engage in stronger, more confident negotiations on price with suppliers with a complete, 360-degree view of the cost structure – it’s capable of yielding up to 20% cost reduction through favorable terms.GEP NEXXE provides an extensive library of ready-to-go cost elements, so you can create multiple cost models using a simple setup and user-driven configuration process for seamless spreadsheet uploading.

Total Visibility

Total Visibility

Engage in stronger, more confident negotiations on price with suppliers with a complete, 360-degree view of the cost structure – it’s capable of yielding up to 20% cost reduction through favorable terms.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

See, compare and act on pricing trends and cost fluctuations before they occur and get on the fast track to becoming future-proof.

No Manual Updates

No Manual Updates

Eliminate manual intervention – once your cost modeling solution is set up, future models will not need manual updates.