At GEP, we believe that successful operations and manufacturing excellence programs are grounded in employee engagement and support and sponsorship from top leadership.

That’s why our solutions center around the customer.

  • We integrate customer feedback, add value to the customer and evaluate trade-offs across the value chain
  • We leverage digital capabilities to accelerate operations excellence journey and build capabilities and skills
  • Every GEP solution is customized to the client. Our holistic approach leverages leading practices and reflects existing culture and skills
  • Our solutions embrace continuous improvement. We highlight our successes to maintain momentum and provide governance as the improvement becomes a culture

GEP’s operations and manufacturing solution offerings

  • Operations Excellence (LEAN and TPM)
  • SC Performance Improvement
  • Contract Manufacturing Assessment & Transformation
  • Rapid SC Cost Reduction
  • Industry 4.0 Advisory
  • Reliability-centric Maintenance

What you gain

  • Decreased overhead and conversion costs
  • Strengthened safety culture
  • Lower energy costs
  • Less capital expenditure
  • Reduced working capital
  • Faster cycle times and throughput