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GEP QUANTUM: AI-First Low-Code Platform

Step into the future. Innovate at pace with GEP QUANTUM — the application development platform designed for today’s agile, dynamic enterprises. Powered by AI and advanced data intelligence, GEP QUANTUM is the revolutionary engine behind all GEP software, including our market-leading procurement and supply chain platforms, GEP SMART™ and GEP NEXXE™.

GEP QUANTUM puts the transformative power in your hands — enabling the development of dynamic, disruptive solutions, accelerating the adoption of new and emerging tech, and helping you future-proof your business operations.

GEP QUANTUM advances new, effective solutions by blending AI, data, human expertise, and application development, empowering our clients and partners to stay at the leading edge of innovation.

Build Next-Gen Solutions with an AI-First Platform

GEP QUANTUM is an AI-first platform, centralizing intelligence to foster innovation in creating new apps, insights, and solutions. This advanced application development platform not only amplifies decision-making but also offers unparalleled extensibility and empowerment through automation and insights, all while ensuring universal integration across diverse sources and cloud environments.

Cloud Integration

Rapid Cloud-Based Integration

Seamlessly integrate diverse systems and applications with an AI-powered platform. Harness the full power of your technology for improved enterprise-wide visibility, glean valuable insights, and drive business growth. without the need for specialized IT teams.

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Low-Code Application Development

Low-Code Application Extensibility

With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, GEP QUANTUM simplifies the design, creation, and deployment of applications across a range of devices.

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AI-Powered Data Analytics

AI-Powered Data Analytics

Elevate your business with AI and progressive data intelligence that evolves continuously, laying the foundation for enduring business transformations.

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Automation Technology

AI/ML Based Intelligent Automation 

Optimize operations with a generative AI-driven system, eliminating repetitive tasks and strengthening strategic decision-making across your operations.

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Unified Platform Scalability

Unified Integration

GEP QUANTUM enables you to integrate across heterogeneous landscapes using hybrid integrations, such as integrating one platform using customer exposed APIs and another with GEP’s pre-packaged integration.

Rapid Integration

Incremental Deployment 

Integrate at your own pace with GEP QUANTUM’s microservice architecture that allows you to deploy micro-applications one component at a time, saving the time and hassle of a complicated deployment.

Discover How GEP QUANTUM Is Transforming Procurement & Supply Chain

GEP QUANTUM is enabling a new generation of procurement and supply chain solutions that are more intelligent, extensible and empowering.

Supercharged by the GEP QUANTUM, GEP SMART is an AI-powered, unified source-to-pay (S2P) procurement software platform that offers end-to-end procurement functionality for direct and indirect spend management in a single, unified application.

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GEP NEXXE, our end-to-end supply chain collaboration software, is built on the GEP QUANTUM platform. GEP NEXXE enables seamless collaboration with multiple tiers of suppliers, logistics providers and partners for an agile, resilient and high-performing supply chain.

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GEP GREEN is a new, enhanced ESG data visualization and reporting capability, powered by GEP QUANTUM, to bring the ESG impact of every procurement and supply chain decision directly to the desktop application.

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