Anticipating demand is a most critical component of supply chain planning. But as market forces and unforeseeable world events bring chaos, supply chains are becoming more complex, and demand is getting harder to predict.

For those reasons and more, supply chain planning has assumed strategic significance today. And that’s where GEP steps in.

GEP is a leading global procurement and supply chain specialist, providing a powerful suite of services and technology focused on improvements in procurement and supply chain, from strategy to implementation. We have the global scale, coverage, and capability to support clients in their assessment efforts and provide implementable recommendations.

Our Approach

GEP helps scores of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients make key business decisions through timely and accurate supply chain forecasting. Our experts identify future trends through a comprehensive analysis of customer demand patterns and geographic and microeconomic factors — using state-of-the-art forecasting tools and algorithms. We know that the mature enterprise doesn’t just react to market trends but also plans for an uncertain future.

We also leverage a cross-functional process that enables businesses to translate corporate strategy into a tactical, executable plan. Via integrated processes, organization, analytics and technology we can deploy a tailored approach for each client.

Our Key Offerings in Supply Chain Planning Include:

Supply Chain Planning Processes

A key element to sustain a competitive advantage are effective supply chain planning processes, including Demand Planning, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE).

Our Track Record

  • GEP partnered with a company that makes components for automobiles and recreational vehicles to create a demand analytic playbook to analyze historical demand patterns and identify trends; determine recommended inventory levels; and forecast demand for the next three months
  • GEP is working with one of the world’s largest telecom companies to design and deploy an enterprise-spanning demand and supply planning toolkit that will balance customer and network demand against material availability across all facets of their wireless and wireline business
  • GEP worked with a large Japanese automotive leader to co-develop their future state supply chain operating model with a deep dive into value chain planning, inbound materials management, production planning, outbound network optimization and end-to-end materials flow management