Coming to agreement Coming to agreement

Contract Management Services

Moving from an agreement on business terms with a supplier to a signed contract requires special skill. If not managed effectively, the process can drag on for months. And the longer it takes to finalize the contract, the longer it will take your company to realize that contract’s value and benefits. GEP’s contracting support teams help compress the time from agreement in principle to a signed contract, reduce contract risk and ensure you get the best possible terms. Our specialists support the seamless execution of supply agreements, master agreements, statements of work and NDAs by working directly with your procurement and legal teams, freeing up your category managers to address more spend, and driving deeper savings in the process.

Tech-Driven Approach

In addition to providing contracting support, we maintain our clients’ contract repository, contract uploading and meta-data entry. Besides, we track renewals and rebates, and manage contract compliance and reporting.

As part of our unified procurement software platform, GEP SMART contract simplifies and automates the entire contracting and contract administration process.

Purpose-built for procurement professionals, GEP SMART features collaborative authoring, template and clause libraries, alerts and event reminders, repository intelligence, and superior reporting capabilities.