Tuning into the new media landscape Tuning into the new media landscape


The media and entertainment landscape looks nothing like it did a few years ago, as the competition for viewer attention gets hotter and hotter. The shift from traditional broadcast studios and networks to digital-native streamers, gaming and second-screen experiences requires media and entertainment enterprises to rethink and re-strategize content operations and distribution models, traditional and digital advertising, subscriptions and more.

Shifting viewership behavior has tremendously impacted the industry as entertainment companies no longer just compete against each other but against user-generated content created by influencers with smartphones.

Keeping pace with this new market requires media and entertainment enterprises to accelerate innovation, launch new products, and navigate mergers and acquisitions all while ensuring costs scale efficiently. To make that happen, procurement and supply chain functions need to have starring roles in developing sourcing and buying solutions that reduce spend, create efficiency and help drive growth.

Our Approach

GEP knows that this quickly evolving media landscape can be difficult to navigate — but it can also be an opportunity for growth if seized in the right way.

We partner with companies to diagnose pain points and develop a new operational model to align with business goals.

Our procurement optimizations can help to increase speed to execution, exceed consumer expectations and promote growth — even in a volatile industry.

GEP’s expertise can also guide media and entertainment companies through complex M&A and divestitures. We help legacy businesses with procurement outsourcing options so they can focus resources on the new, growth-oriented aspects of their business.

Business models are shifting, and we understand that this requires partners like us to be nimble and efficient and to help enterprises balance creative freedom with sound financial management.

GEP’s Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Our comprehensive range of solutions helps media and entertainment enterprises transition into a new digital-first advertising landscape, optimize margins, navigate through M&A and improve content production processes.

The services GEP offers for media and entertainment include:

  • Organizational procurement alignment for the new media landscape
  • Media and entertainment market intelligence
  • Strategic cost management
  • Digital procurement transformation
  • Legacy business rightsizing and business process outsourcing
  • Agile operating models
  • Enterprise-wide spend visibility
  • Merger and acquisition planning and execution

Our Track Record

With nearly two decades of experience working with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises — including some of the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerates, emerging new media companies and social media platforms — GEP knows where the industry needs to pivot. We provide a comprehensive range of procurement solutions for media and entertainment enterprises to get there. Our record speaks for itself:

  • Ensured 97% annual spend visibility for a global entertainment company through new efficiencies in procurement; also standardized the company's 25,000+ supplier base and optimized spend
  • Defined new organization vision and operating model for a leading integrated media company, introducing leading practice sourcing templates and harmonizing divergent approaches across three legacy acquisitions
  • Achieved $25M in savings for major entertainment studio through a 3-year global tail spend management program, and set up a centralized procurement helpdesk to support stakeholders while implementing contract optimizations for quick-win savings