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GEP SOFTWARE™: Game-Changing Solutions – Supercharged by AI

GEP’s AI-powered digital procurement and supply chain platforms help hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers worldwide become more agile, resilient, competitive and profitable. 

Designed for today’s complex, global supply enterprises, GEP's cloud-native technology solutions boost operational efficiency, enhance collaboration and expand real-time visibility across the entire supply chain. From sourcing to payments, demand planning to logistics and warehousing, intelligent software from GEP drives transformative performance, create game-changing impact and helps enterprises realize unprecedented results, savings and bottom-line growth.

Get Ahead with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

GEP software powers high-impact digital transformation programs at the world’s leading, most complex and demanding enterprises. Built on a foundation of open architecture, cloud and data technologies, GEP’s AI-powered SaaS platforms help enterprises realize the full potential of the latest innovations in technology, as they happen.

GEP Software – Intelligent, Scalable, Empowering

  • Solutions for the entire spectrum of procurement and supply chain operations
  • Intuitive design, stunning visual appeal, intelligent user-friendly interfaces
  • Leader in the application of AI and other emerging technologies
  • Seamless integration with all major ERP, F&A and back-end systems

Secure, scalable, robust cloud-native infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure

GEP is laser focused on procurement services and technology … with an end-to-end S2P service offering integrating consulting, software and managed services. It’s helping procurement organizations become a valued business partner that enables overall enterprise-wide strategic goals.

— Saurabh Gupta, Chief Research Officer, HFS Research

Great Software, Happy People™

GEP's software solutions are built for and centered on the needs of our customers — procurement and supply chain leaders at major global enterprises. Our business strategy has been to go where our customers need the most help, enabling us to develop an unrivalled depth and breadth of capabilities and an unrelenting focus on customer delight.

It’s no surprise then that we’re chosen by the largest, the brightest and the best enterprises across the globe. In fact, more and more market-leading companies — those that especially prize productivity, user satisfaction, flexibility and security — are switching to GEP, making us the fastest-growing enterprise-scale solution provider to global market leaders.

World's Leading Unified Source-to-Pay Platform for Direct and Indirect Spend Management

GEP SMART™ is the industry’s leading AI-powered, unified source-to-pay procurement platform for direct and indirect spend management. With intelligent, intuitive interfaces and powerful capabilities, GEP SMART provides unmatched user experience – boosting adoption, compliance and performance.

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Next-Gen, End-to-End Supply Chain Management Platform for the Connected Enterprise

Powered by AI, GEP NEXXE™ is a comprehensive digital supply chain platform that provides market-leading enterprises unprecedented levels of supply chain visibility, intelligence, agility and resilience. Designed for complex, global demand and supply networks, GEP NEXXE provides comprehensive supply chain visibility and control on a single platform.

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GEP Procurement and Supply Chain Tech Trends Report