Source-to-Pay Operations

In today’s world, procurement must be able to respond to changing business requirements. It’s imperative for procurement teams to be:

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  • Agile — be a flexible, scalable source-to-pay delivery arm as the business merges, divests and/or changes
  • Automated — be efficient by digitizing best-practice processes
  • Capable — bring strong category-centric expertise along with deep procurement skills to increase spend visibility, achieve managed spend and savings goals, manage risk and maintain stakeholder satisfaction
  • Trusted — be a partner to the business and provide excellent procurement services, bring in supplier innovation, be close to the markets and convey new ideas to leadership
  • Insightful — proactively analyze data, markets and trends and provide these insights to the business

GEP helps you revitalize all of your source-to-pay processes to drive operational excellence throughout your transformation journey. Our procurement transformation solutions deliver impressive returns on investment — significant increases in organizational efficiency and effectiveness, jumps in productivity, stronger and more strategic relationships with suppliers, and of course substantial savings.

To help you accomplish your objectives and implement best-in-class procurement processes, we provide you the solutions and the underlying drivers that deliver measurable outcomes on a continual basis.

  • Source-to-Pay Optimization

  • Transformative Approach

  • Change Management

  • Best-Practices Repository

Source-to-Pay Optimization

GEP helps clients advance their source-to-pay operations and drive higher savings — typically in the range of 30 percent to 40 percent. From end-to-end source-to-pay optimization to focused optimization programs — including spend analysis, sourcing execution, contract management, SRM, tail-spend management, order and invoice management, spot buying, master data management, and catalog management — GEP helps you make significant gains in operational performance and efficiency. GEP can help you transform your organization and, if desired, provide managed services with contractual SLAs to meet transformation goals.

Transformative Approach

GEP’s procurement transformation programs are designed to keep enterprise procurement teams firing on all cylinders, enabling them to meet targets, expand reach and keep pace with rising expectations. Our focus on best practices, including Six Sigma and Lean concepts along with aggressive digitization, helps clients achieve measurable results and bottom-line savings.

Change Management

Procurement transformation projects entail significant changes in processes, organization and technology, calling for deployment of strong change management tools and methodologies. GEP works with you — through tailored communication strategies and change workshops — on training and marketing the change across the organization to help you up the procurement maturity curve quickly and efficiently.

Best-Practices Repository

GEP puts into operation best practices from across industries, purpose-built on a continually improved, state-of-the-art layer of tools and technology. We incorporate the process and category expertise of hundreds of practicing procurement professionals, the hard-won insights of two decades of field operations, and the continuing input from our clients — some of the most sophisticated and demanding procurement leaders in global business today.