Create a direct competitive advantage Create a direct competitive advantage

Direct Materials Procurement Software

Market-leading enterprises focus on building strong procurement teams with core competencies and expertise in direct materials sourcing, to create a strategic, competitive advantage. However, their capabilities and performance are often hindered by legacy direct procurement software systems.

GEP SMART – procurement software changes all of that by providing a powerful, comprehensive and unified source-to-pay platform for direct materials procurement. From strategic sourcing to purchasing and payments, contracts to supplier management — streamline and optimize all your direct materials procurement operations with GEP SMART.

Comprehensive Direct Materials Procurement Technology

Strategic Sourcing

GEP SMART provides powerful, effective tools for direct materials sourcing – from RFX to reverse auctions to global price comparisons. Automate all sourcing processes to help you stay focused on maximizing value. Get full visibility into price and non-price factors, cost breakdown analysis, of all items in your product’s bill of materials (BOM). Choose from a complete range of category-specific, ready-to-use templates for effective negotiation — all specifically designed to help you reduce costs, minimize risks, and create more value.

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Contract Management

GEP SMART features a full range of contract management tools that reduce the time, effort and resources needed to create, manage and utilize contracts for purchasing. GEP SMART ensures that contract data flows seamlessly throughout the contract life cycle to help direct procurement teams boost contract utilization and compliance to translate negotiated terms into hard savings.

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Supplier Management

Get the full, comprehensive set of supplier management tools that your procurement team needs to manage supplier information, relationships and performance, and drive more value across the enterprise. With a single database of suppliers across all the procurement functions — from source to pay — GEP SMART ensures traceability and real-time visibility of supplier performance.

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Maximize adoption, compliance and productivity with a consumer-like purchasing experience. GEP SMART provides full procure-to-pay (P2P) functionality that is easy to use, easy to deploy, and powerfully effective. Manage purchase orders (call-off, blanket, inventory), process invoices, make payments – all through GEP SMART.

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Inventory Management

GEP SMART offers real-time stock visibility of all the items on your BOM to help shorten lead times, optimize inventory, prevent stockouts, and reduce storage costs. Track and manage all direct materials inventory, set minimum stock limits to trigger an automatic re-order, and – with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – give your suppliers the ability to plan and manage inventory levels, production and transportation.

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Supply Chain Operations

GEP SMART helps you speed up cycle times by providing greater control and visibility on the movement of direct materials through the supply chain. From purchase orders, delivery schedules, to handling unit information and advance shipping notices (ASN), effectively manage all communication, documentation, and approvals across all downstream procurement and supply chain processes on a single platform.

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Quality Management

Give a tech boost to your quality management processes for direct materials. GEP SMART offers an effective platform for clear, open dialogue and seamless collaboration between suppliers and relevant internal stakeholders across every level of the quality management procurement process — from initial sample inspection reports to complaint processing to audit management.

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Data & Analytics

GEP SMART features comprehensive data, analytics and reporting capabilities to power your direct procurement and supply chain operations. Get easy access to all your data – spend, sourcing, contracts, suppliers, savings - on a single platform. GEP SMART’s powerful, AI-based analytics and reporting tools to derive actionable intelligence from your data to guide your sourcing and category management strategies.

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Power-Up Your Supply Chain 

With comprehensive BOM management, project management, and master data management capabilities, GEP SMART provides you real-time access to all critical data for timely and effective decision-making. 

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Seamlessly integrate all sourcing, procurement and production activities through updated, organized and accurate BOM data. Connect your product design, procurement, supply chain and manufacturing teams on a single platform to get new, innovative products to the market faster. Get real-time visibility of all items on your BOMs – latest specs, inventory, order status, contracts, supplier information, and shipment status – all in one place.  

Project Management 

GEP SMART’s project management functionality helps you monitor, report and manage the performance of all your direct materials sourcing and procurement projects. Get a bird’s-eye view of all sourcing and procurement activities, using comprehensive, customizable dashboards. Assign tasks to team members, implement cost control measures, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and even save successful projects for future use.

Master Data Management

With comprehensive master data management capabilities, including data collection, normalization, error detection and correction, consolidation, data storage and distribution, GEP SMART makes it easy to manage and share your supplier data across the enterprise. No more duplicate or outdated information – get accurate, reliable supplier master data for all your sourcing, procurement, manufacturing activities.  

Achieve More with GEP SMART

Automate & Improve Dowstream Processes

Integrate with all major ERP systems to retrieve, synchronize and manage master data

Automate & Improve Dowstream Processes

Import bills of materials from multiple systems

Flip items to sourcing

Allow suppliers to hand-pick items while bidding and buyers to multi-source awards to a bid

Robust Audit Log for Historic Data

Give item or part-wise detailing for scheduled deliveries

Easy Flipping Auctions-to-Requisitions

Get transaction network and secure electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities with virtual asset support for storage, sharing and tracking

Robust Audit Log for Historic Data

Provide what-if capabilities for make-versus-buy and for evaluating substitute materials

Robust Audit Log for Historic Data

Convert winning bids into purchase orders

Robust Audit Log for Historic Data

Enable line-item level visibility to display approved vendor numbers and buyer part numbers

End-to-End Capabilities in One, Unified Platform

Designed for procurement professionals by procurement experts, GEP SMART direct procurement software brings together all critical elements and stakeholders for direct materials procurement – buyers, suppliers, processes and data – in a single, unified platform to enable timely and effective decision-making.

A unified solution designed to streamline all direct materials sourcing, procurement and supply management activities

Enhanced supplier management and collaboration capabilities

Comprehensive BOM management functionality

Real-time visibility of materials status across the supply chain - sourcing, procurement, inventory, work-in-progress

Seamless integration with all leading ERP, MES and PLM systems

Intuitive, collaborative interface that drives adoption, efficiency and compliance

Why GEP SMART Direct Procurement Software 

GEP SMART – Unified Procurement Platform

Speed up time-to-market: Seamlessly integrate all your R&D, engineering, sourcing, procurement and supply chain management activities to get more innovative products to the market swiftly.

Optimize sourcing: Get best-value sourcing for your all the items on your BOMs with the latest, up-to-date designs and specifications.

Mitigate supply risks: Get access to real-time, up-to-date supplier data and market intelligence to identify and prevent and mitigate supply disruptions.

Identify cost and value drivers: Scan multi-level bills of materials by product, component or category, with detailed breakdowns to locate principal cost and value drivers.

Manage costs more effectively: Get maximum value for your spend by minimizing contract leakage and ensuring that all purchase orders meet the contract terms and agreements.

Enhance supplier collaboration: Create an ecosystem for rapid innovation through effective collaboration with suppliers throughout the product life cycle.