Devil's in the data Devil's in the data

Savings & Compliance Tracking

If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it — and you certainly can’t fix it. With hundreds of categories and sub-categories, numerous baseline assumptions and savings formulas, limited control on end-user behavior and limited visibility into contract compliance, it is easy to lose hard-earned savings from sourcing efforts by the time goods and services are actually purchased.

GEP provides comprehensive savings and compliance tracking that enables CPOs, CFOs and category managers to track identified potential savings against realized savings at any given time; to see variance drivers and measure non-compliance drivers; and to reduce maverick buying. We offer customized dashboards for client-specific spend categories and procurement processes to provide insightful, relevant and actionable procurement performance tracking.

Leverage Data to Identify Compliance Gaps

At GEP, we use innovative technology and analytical tools to capture spend data from client ERP systems, measure deviation against identified savings and identify root causes for non-compliance (vendor, price, demand, errors).

The reporting is provided via an interactive and customizable procurement dashboard that allows drill down to non-compliance causes at a category, BU or supplier level and enables timely corrective actions.