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GEP SMARTTM direct procurement software is designed for enterprises striving for peak efficiency in the new digitized and agile manufacturing environment. Today, the ability to create and maintain updated, organized and accurate bills of materials (BOMs) is particularly critical for procurement and supply chain teams.

GEP SMART’s BOM management functionality helps global manufacturing companies effectively manage end-to-end BOM sourcing, procurement and spend management to get products to the market faster, while minimizing costs and supply risks.

GEP SMART enhances collaboration between internal teams, contractors and suppliers with simplified workflows and easy data synchronization from multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, product lifecycle management (PLM) systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES). This keeps stakeholders aligned, costs in check, inventory levels optimized, and customers — getting a quality product for the right price at the right time — satisfied.

Single, Unified Platform for Multilevel BOMs

GEP SMART provides real-time access to all BOM data in a single, unified platform. You can manage all source-to-pay activities — sourcing, contracting, procurement, supplier management, payments — of complex, multilevel BOMs easily and quickly with GEP SMART.

Using GEP SMART’s BOM management capabilities, engineering and manufacturing teams can build better products, and do it faster, using the right materials and keeping costs in check. Greater efficiency yields opportunities for improved product innovation and ultimately a healthier bottom line.


  • Streamline source-to-pay, plan-to-produce processes for hierarchical, multilevel, multidisciplinary BOMs
  • Get comprehensive visibility of all BOM items throughout the product life cycle
  • Enable effective collaboration between internal and external stakeholders
  • Accelerate product innovation and new product/feature introduction
  • Improve product quality and safety, limiting manufacturing errors and defects
  • Ensure compliance with global regulatory standards

Transform BOM Sourcing and Procurement With GEP SMART

Many manufacturing enterprises rely on spreadsheets to manage and maintain BOMs — this system imposes too many limitations and creates too many risks. While conventional ERP, PLM and MES systems help replace spreadsheets, they still do not offer reliable, accurate and updated BOM data to sourcing and procurement teams due to lack of integration. Common challenges include access control, inability to track versions, duplicate entries — all of which contribute to delays that throw off schedules and drive up costs. But more crucially, disorganized and incorrect BOMs often lead to design and production defects that can lead to cost spikes and delays in production.

GEP SMART’s BOM life cycle management function features a sleek, intuitive user interface with flexible workflows that allow multiple individuals to work on sourcing and procurement of all BOM items in real time. It simplifies the integration and consolidation of data, such as component specifications, drawings, documents, cost breakdowns, and supplier information from disparate sources (PDM, PLM, CAD, MES and ERP systems), into a centralized, multilevel, multidisciplinary BOM to help speed up time-to-market.