At GEP, women are an integral part of our growth and success. We are committed to supporting their professional goals and ambitions by providing a conducive and flexible work environment where they can define their own path to success.

To make GEP a great place to work for women, we have an exclusive program — Women@GEP — that supports the advancement of their careers.

Women@GEP is designed to help women succeed at work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance through:

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    Mentorship Programs

    Senior GEP women leaders mentor high-potential women to foster professional growth and career advancement

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    Thought Leadership Events

    Meetings, discussions and interactive sessions with successful women leaders within and outside GEP for inspiration and learning

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    Training and Skills Development

    Career-enhancing training and education programs

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    GEP Women's Network

    A company-wide network that connects GEP women across functions, roles and locations to interact with each other and share experiences, knowledge and advice 

Empowering women around the world

GEP is committed to empowering women around the world, both in the corporate environment and through social initiatives. GEP pledged to work toward making education accessible to women across the world by partnering with NGOs.


Roopa Gandhi

President & Co-Founder

"We are committed to nurturing the next generation of women business leaders."

Monique Alblas

Vice President


"Women@GEP shows you can manage your career based on your own ambition and personal needs. There is not one way to become a leader, so look out for all the opportunities that come along and be bold."

Charlene Stanley

Senior Director

Shared Services

"I’m surrounded by a broad, diverse and talented global family here at GEP, and it’s a place whose vision I truly believe in."