Pharma R&D Outsourcing Pharma R&D Outsourcing

It’s never going to be a straightforward decision, but there’s a strong case for outsourcing R&D activities, particularly so for pharmaceutical companies. But how do you arrive at the right ratio for your organization? 

Don’t base your decision on guesswork — let data be your guide, recommends GEP’s new white paper, Pharma R&D Outsourcing: How To Optimize Spend and Maximize ROI. It discusses the benefits of R&D outsourcing and shares a quadrant framework to help companies assess the impact of R&D investments.

What’s Inside: 

  • What R&D outsourcing can bring to the table
  • How to assess efficiency of R&D spend and outsourcing 
  • Case study: How GEP helped a pharma company improve R&D productivity

This paper is a must-read for business and procurement leaders in pharma who want to make smart, impactful outsourcing decisions.

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