Maximizing Procurement Value: Maximizing

Transformative E-Sourcing Services

Transformative E-Sourcing Services

Navigating the intricate landscape of sourcing is challenging. But with over 25 years of experience in helping organizations of all sizes achieve their procurement goals, we have fine-tuned a comprehensive, systematic approach to e-sourcing that includes advisory, execution and technology integration. 

We work as an extension of your team, taking on the intricate aspects of the e-sourcing process. We use our expertise, industry insight and leading procurement technology to develop and execute sourcing strategies that are efficient, cost-effective and tailored to your specific needs.

Our Approach and Solutions

We offer a strategic and systematic approach to achieving your cost management goals. Our unique delivery model has delivered exceptional results for our clients across all categories to sustainably lower costs, increase profits, improve working capital, rationalize the supply base and manage risk.

Our teams—bolstered by GEP SMART, our industry-leading procurement software—ensure your sourcing processes are both efficient and effective. This comprehensive suite of services helps in designing, executing and analyzing your e-sourcing strategies, which consistently yields significant incremental savings and operational efficiencies.

Benefits of E-Sourcing Services From GEP

By partnering with GEP, you can expect substantial benefits that will drive value and improve your procurement efficiency

Manufacturing Visibility

Significant Savings

GEP’s e-sourcing strategies consistently achieve significant savings on your spend

Manufacturing Visibility

Improved Efficiency

Our sourcing teams can help you improve the efficiency of your procurement process. By automating the bidding process, you can free your time for other areas of your business

Manufacturing Visibility

Increased Compliance

E-sourcing improve your compliance with procurement regulations, ensuring that you are meeting your obligations

Manufacturing Visibility

Enhanced Supplier Confidence

E-sourcing can help build trust and confidence with your suppliers by providing a fair and transparent bidding process

Why Partner with GEP for E-Sourcing Services

Drive More Value With e-Auction Services From GEP

Discover true market value for your buying team with our end-to-end e-auction capabilities. We bridge skillset gaps, align with your business strategy, and save time for sourcing managers, offering real-time market visibility and feedback for maximized bids.

Why E-Auctions?
  • Stir Up Competition: E-auctions kindle a competitive spirit, leading to better prices.
  • Make Up for Missing Skills: E-auctions can step in to supplement your team's sourcing abilities.
  • Bespoke Business Strategy Alignment: E-auctions can be customized to match your specific business objectives.
  • Save Precious Time: E-auctions automate the bidding process, freeing up more time.
  • Transparent and Timely Feedback: E-auctions offer immediate feedback, aiding informed decision-making.

E-auctions are an underutilized game-changer in e-sourcing. Get in touch with GEP today to discover more about our e-auction services.

  • Unique Sourcing Frameworks and Ready-To-Deploy Tools & Templates:
    Our proprietary sourcing suitability assessment matrix and strategy development framework, inspired by Game Theory, ensures optimal results.
  • Seamless Integration with Leading E-Sourcing Tools, Including GEP SMART:
    We work with all major e-sourcing tools and can seamlessly integrate GEP SMART, our unified procurement software platform, into your operations to optimize sourcing capabilities and enhance visibility.
  • Flexible, Scalable and Customizable Delivery Model:
    Our agile and scalable delivery model adapts to your changing business requirements, providing the right expertise at a lower delivery cost and maximizing your ROI.
  • Deep Experience in E-sourcing Advisory & Execution Services: 
    With our extensive expertise and a team of 350+ sourcing experts, we have successfully managed over $20 billion in sourcing spend.