Digital Essentials for Building a Resilient Supply Chain Digital Essentials for Building a Resilient Supply Chain

Building an agile and resilient supply chain is currently a top priority for enterprises. A big part of it involves digitally transforming the supply chain.

And while supply chain leaders have their own digital checklists, what should IT teams look for while evaluating new platforms and technologies?

A new GEP and paper, Digital Essentials For Building A Resilient Supply Chain, shares the critical elements that enterprise IT teams should consider for digitally transforming the supply chain function.

What’s Inside:

  • Top IT challenges in building resilient supply chains
  • Checklist of key IT capabilities in digital supply chain platforms
  • How to prepare for the transformation

It’s a must-read for CIOs and IT leaders who want to play a strategic role building a digitally transformed, resilient supply chain for the enterprise.

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