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Digital Procurement Transformation

In the Industry 4.0 business environment, new opportunities abound for procurement to demonstrate its value within the enterprise — to establish its role as a trusted business advisor and strategic partner. Greater productivity and greater savings are desirable and viable goals — but procurement has the potential to take a quantum jump, creating new business models and becoming a primary strategic asset impacting the corporation’s overall competitiveness and performance.

To get to this next level, procurement needs to not only recognize, but also welcome the disruptive effects of technological innovation. Current business imperatives across all sectors are to run leaner and meaner, to be agile and responsive to customers and stakeholders, and to base strategic decision-making on data and analytics. By embracing and leading digital transformation within its own function, procurement has great potential as an innovation catalyst and driver of market leadership for the enterprise as a whole.

What Is Digital Procurement Transformation?

A radical approach to procurement process engineering that seeks to harness the full transformative power of digital technologies to drive true step changes in outcomes.

Prepare Your Procurement Team for a Digital-First Economy

As a leading global provider of end-to-end, source-to-pay procurement services and software, GEP has a clear vision of procurement’s future and the full capability to support clients throughout their digital transformation journey.

GEP’s unified approach to digital procurement transformation — encompassing strategy, managed services, and software — helps enterprises rapidly build the infrastructure required to power a high-performance digital procurement organization. We help clients leverage innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics and unified source-to-pay to streamline and optimize their end-to-end procurement operations.

Digital Transformation Delivers:

  • Enhanced control and efficiency across all source-to-pay activities
  • Real-time visibility into category and supplier performance
  • Proactive monitoring and mitigation of supply chain risks
  • Granular as well as big-picture insights for effective decision-making
  • Faster speed to value
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Greater procurement agility
  • Higher internal stakeholder satisfaction

GEP’s delivery teams and technology experts have extensive experience with all ERP, F&A, and sourcing and procurement systems to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey.