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Source-to-Pay Software Solution

Enterprises can drive significant process efficiencies and achieve bottom-line savings by automating their entire sourcing and procurement activities using source-to-pay (S2P) technology. From spend analysis to accounts payable, source-to-pay software allows procurement organizations to streamline all upstream downstream processes and cut down their source-to-settle cycle time.

Save time and effort spent on repetitive tasks and focus resources on activities that drive more value.

Cleanse, validate and classify your spend data. Get a comprehensive overview of spend across the enterprise. Analyze and identify opportunities that drive maximum savings.

Get approval for new requisitions from finance and automatically generate purchase orders. Facilitate best-value sourcing through electronic tendering and auctions, and speed up the RFx-to-award cycle. Create, manage and monitor your contracts more efficiently.

Source-to-Pay Technology also helps to boost user adoption and increase spend compliance with a easy-to-use, consumer-style purchasing tools. Receive electronic invoices and match them with purchase orders. Approve, then forward invoices for processing payments. Reduce your total cost of purchasing and drive bottom-line savings.

What you Get from Our Source-to-Pay Software

Complete Source-to-Pay automated process for value addition

Process Automation Automate all your source-to-pay processes and free up resources for more value-added work

RFx & Auction Tools — Source goods and services from the best value supplier through electronic tendering and auctions

An excellent Contract Management process for managing, monitoring and modifying contracts with suppliers.

Contract Management — Optimize the process of creating, managing, monitoring and modifying contracts with suppliers

Gather useful supplier information for better supplier management

Supplier Management — Streamline the management of supplier information and get useful insights to improve their performance

Purchase Order & Invoice Management Eliminate paperwork and errors by receiving and processing purchase orders, invoices and other documents on an electronic source-to-pay platform

Why Source-to-Pay Automation Matters

Get Complete Spend Visibility throughout the Procurement Cycle

Better Spend Visibility Get complete visibility of all your spend throughout the purchasing cycle

Resource optimization through reducing repetitive tasks

Resources Optimization — Save time, effort and money spent on paperwork and repetitive tasks and focus on activities that drive more value

Improved complained achieved through easy punch-out catalogs purchases

Improved Compliance — Drive more compliant purchases through approved, contracted or punch-out catalogs

Complete Source-to-Pay automation process for an enhanced efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency — Complete automation of all your source-to-pay processes minimizes paperwork, improves process efficiency and

Source-to-Pay tool helps in reducing total cost of purchasing

Reduced Total Cost of Purchasing Source-to-pay tools drive process efficiencies and resource optimization to help you reduce your total cost of purchasing