Net-zero emissions. Supply chain sustainability. Supplier diversity.

These aren’t just good-to-have goals anymore.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices sit at the heart of business strategy today as companies respond to new expectations of consumers, investors, governments and employees.

Enterprises striving for continued growth and cost reduction through operational efficiencies must also adhere to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, COP26 declarations and the 2015 Paris Agreement, on top of regional and local regulations. In fact, achieving sustainability and building business resilience go hand in hand.

However, when it comes to supply chain and procurement, enterprises face a complex network of priorities and expectations that can make sustainability increasingly challenging, because of:

  • A fragmented technology landscape that limits collaboration with the supplier ecosystem
  • A lack of skills toward embedding ESG in procurement and supply chain roles
  • Misaligned key performance indicators (KPIs) that overemphasize short-term business results
  • Low visibility and traceability across supply chain on ESG KPIs
  • Differences in regional ESG policies, priorities and cultures

True champions of sustainability know they need to go beyond the business to make a truly positive impact. But many organizations do not know where and how to start.

Our Approach

GEP partners with leading enterprises to enable their procurement and supply chain functions to drive organization ESG goals across the value chain.

We execute best-in-class strategies and develop benchmarks for enterprises to become ESG leaders. We also provide the right technology needed to sustain ESG improvements and become more efficient while tracking and tracing results.

GEP's approach towards ESG sustainability


  • End-to-End Solutions End to End
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Expertise Procurment supply
  • Actionable Solutions actionalble
  • Diverse Leadership and Culture Diverse Leadership and Culture
  • Global Footprint Global Footprint
End-to-End Solutions

e2e solution

End-to-End Solutions

GEP offers consulting services, execution, and technology to help clients drive sustainability across their supply chains. In an area driven by reporting and public disclosure, we help companies baseline, track, strategize and execute ESG plans for faster progress.

Procurement and Supply Chain Expertise

Procurment supply

Procurement and Supply Chain Expertise

With our long experience in managing over $300 billion in spend, eight million supplier relationships and analyzing spend of over $3 trillion, we have the data to draw unparalleled insights into how industries can make environmental and social impact across their supply base.

Actionable Solutions

Actionable Solutions

Actionable Solutions

GEP goes beyond strategy development to support our clients with customized sustainability consulting solutions through implementation. This is critical for progress toward ESG goals given the tight timelines and the public nature of goal setting.

Diverse Leadership and Culture

Diverse Leadership and Culture

Diverse Leadership and Culture

As a minority- and women-owned organization, GEP understands the value that comes from diverse minds and backgrounds, and this is key to our ESG strategies.

Global Footprint

Global Footprint

Global Footprint

Our teams spread across the world have deep knowledge on local and regional requirements and collaborate to share best practices and stay ahead of the curve on best-in-class ESG practices.

GEP’s Solution Offerings for ESG Improvements


Create a baseline and set ambition levels

  • Drive materiality assessments to define ESG priorities and develop implementation strategies
  • Embed maturity assessments to evaluate ESG performance and define ambition levels

Execute ESG strategies

  • Embed sustainability across the four supply chain pillars of plan, procure, make, and deliver
  • Redesign operating models, develop new KPIs, upskill resources, and redefine responsibilities to put ESG at the core of your supply chain
  • Build and execute supply chain and procurement initiatives to drive real impact across the end-to-end value chain including partnering with your ecosystem
  • Report on progress

Deploy cutting-edge technology

  • Enable full visibility of ESG KPIs across value chain focused on tracking and tracing performance
  • Embed ESG criteria throughout the digital procurement process to empower resources with ESG data without increasing the workload

Best-in-class ESG Practices for Brand Recognition and Market Leadership

Our track record

  • Developed a renewable energy strategy for a $25-billion U.S. retailer to deliver $10 million in savings and an estimated increase in green energy by 35-40%, through a dynamic financial model
  • Partnered with a leading consumer packaged goods company to drive its bold sustainability-social inclusion initiative through three-year supplier diversity targets in indirect procurement
  • Designed a fleet electrification strategy for a $14-billion U.S. agriscience company with a three step-pilot approach and comprehensive guide for EV adoption
  • Partnered with a Fortune 500 manufacturing and chemicals company to optimize its warehousing supply chain network in Europe, resulting in a 23% direct reduction in carbon footprint and 18% reduction in costs