Let’s transform Accounts Payable Let’s transform Accounts Payable


Enterprises today process millions of invoices every year — often on legacy accounts payable systems that are inefficient, error-prone and out-of-sync with current business needs.

The result? Processing errors, delayed payments and frustrated suppliers. Add to that poor cash flow, lost payment discounts and missed savings opportunities.

It’s time to change all of that. Time to digitally transform accounts payable.

Discover GEP SMART™ AP Automation Software — an AI-powered accounts payable platform designed for today’s digital AP leaders and tomorrow’s AP needs.

Native to the cloud, GEP SMART AP Automation is next-gen accounts payable software that enables a touchless environment for invoicing and payments.

Eliminate paperwork, automate processes. Reduce invoicing costs and cycle times. Mitigate operational and compliance risks. Optimize payments and keep your suppliers happy.



Goodbye, Manual Invoice Processing

No more paperwork, manual invoice processing and data-entry errors to slow you down. GEP SMART AP Automation is the complete digital solution that eliminates manual AP processing.

Digitally scan invoices using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, so you can process invoices quickly and make payments on time, every time. Cut down invoice cycle time without sacrificing accuracy. Free up time and resources to focus on more strategic AP work.

Hello, Intelligent AP Automation Software

Need powerful, error-free invoice reconciliation? Frustrated with mismatched purchase orders? We've got you covered. Powered by our proprietary set of AI technologies — the solution automatically finds duplicate invoices and matches them to the right purchase orders. Saving you time while slashing invoice processing costs.

What’s more, GEP SMART AP Automation’s intelligent workflow digitally routes invoices for review and approval. Stay organized with automated and configurable queue management. Get real-time status of all your invoices, at every stage.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Achieve AP Transformation in the Cloud

GEP SMART AP Automation takes advantage of the global scalability, best-in-class performance and security provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud. Replace outdated or ineffective AP tools with a cloud-based AP solution that meets the performance expectations of some the largest, most demanding enterprises in the world.

Flexible and scalable, AP Automation Software can align to your changing business needs.

GEP SMART AP Automation reduces the total cost of ownership by offering significant, immediate and long-term savings for you — and your suppliers. Bonus: We never charge your suppliers to use the software.

And you don’t have to wait long for the results to show. GEP SMART AP Automation integrates quickly and easily with all legacy software and ERP systems, so you can start reaping the benefits rapidly.


Eliminate invoicing complexity, strengthen supplier relationships and drive higher savings with GEP SMART AP Automation.

Improve cycle times, cut paperwork and gain enterprise-wide visibility while reducing the manual tasks of AP and finance teams. At each and every step through the invoicing life cycle, GEP SMART AP Automation creates a robust audit trail, recording all relevant data to smooth the execution of audit processes and to ensure global invoicing compliance

Automatic Reconciliation & Routing

Eliminate manual intervention with organized queue management workflow using automated routing, reviews and approvals. Resolve problems faster or avoid them altogether.

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Multi-Way Matching

With AI-powered GEP SMART AP Automation, validate invoices against original purchase orders and negotiated prices, with configurable tolerances and matching rules – all at the click of a button.

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Optical Character Recognition

The software will automatically recognize text within a scanned paper invoice image or PDF file and convert it into a machine-coded document for easy use.

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Artificial Intelligence

The power of the automated AP platform resides within GEP QUANTUM™ – GEP’s proprietary AI technology.

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Global invoice regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of GEP SMART AP Automation in partnership with Sovos (TrustWeaver).

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Rapid Integration

On its own or as part of a larger suite, GEP SMART AP Automation integrates with major ERP systems and legacy software that your team uses.

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What GEP SMART AP Automation Can Do For You

Easily connect to existing systems and data sources, ensuring maximum accuracy and minimum processing time

Process thousands of invoices per month from countries that have easy-to-complex invoice rules

Immediately increase accuracy, reduce operating costs and slash invoice processing cycle times

Ensure suppliers are paid on time, every time. Handle supplier invoices in any format

Provide complete visibility of payables in, out, due to arrive, and pending for you and your suppliers

Simplify regulatory and tax compliance with invoices in most currencies and languages


Spend Analysis

GEP SMART unifies the order-to-invoice process with the source-to-contract process, effectively connecting every order to a contract, to a plan and to a target. It provides full procure-to-pay functionality — from item search to invoice matching and payment authorization — with best-in-class user experience. Easy to use and easy to deploy, GEP SMART can be implemented rapidly across multiple lines of business, effecting game-changing results.

  • An unparalleled user interface in catalogs, requisitions, invoices and purchases with a consumer-like shopping experience
  • Streamline invoice management with line-by-line purchase order and multi-way invoice matching
  • Use automatic invoice approval for faster processing, and still keep your invoices free of errors with the ability to flag exceptions for quick intervention
  • Seamlessly create purchase orders (POs) with requisitions required or not
  • Track POs at every stage, across the enterprises
  • Get real-time visibility into the status of current and due POs


Yes – You can purchase it as a stand-alone solution, or you can purchase it as part of the GEP SMART suite. As a stand-alone cloud solution, it will integrate with any major ERP system and most other components you already have in order to automate your AP operation.

Yes – GEP SMART AP Automation is cloud-based and designed for easy integration. It works with all major systems, including Oracle and SAP. GEP SMART AP Automation can also integrate with third-party invoice exchange systems, XML suppliers, EDIs and many other platforms to complete an end-to-end procure-to-pay flow.

GEP SMART AP Automation is powered with GEP’s proprietary set of AI tools – GEP MINERVA™ artificial intelligence. From OCR to fraud controls, AI is an integral part of the GEP SMART AP Automation solution, enabling accuracy and results that surpass human effort in a much shorter amount of time.

GEP SMART AP Automation includes a native artificial intelligence/machine learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) module to make invoice entry a breeze. In contrast to third-party OCR solutions, GEP’s OCR solution is supplier friendly. It can accept an invoice for OCR in any layout or major format. There is no requirement for the invoice PDF to be machine-readable, so that suppliers can create their invoices in a way that’s easiest for them.

GEP SMART AP Automation is a cloud-native solution that enables fast and easy deployment. It has constantly updated features, a user-friendly dashboard interface, maintenance-free environment and best-in-class security.

For purchase order-based invoices, where a PO (or receiving) can originate outside of GEP SMART AP Automation, our system will ingest POs and receiving documents. It will then do a two-way or three-way match based on set tolerances and route invoices requiring further attention to the appropriate stakeholder. The software uses configurable queue management workflow with automated routing, reviews and approvals to manage high-volume invoice processing. The system can send automated follow-up notifications and enable authority delegation, resulting in greatly reduced manual “chasing” work for AP and finance teams.

Invoices can have multiple levels of approvals or none at all, depending upon the stage of the invoice life cycle and the desired mode of your operations. If an invoice perfectly matches a purchase order and the ordered items have been confirmed as received, there may be very little else to do. GEP SMART AP Automation gives you the flexibility to optimize your operations and set controls to the level most appropriate for your organization.

GEP SMART AP Automation is a global solution, which supports all major currencies and is enabled during setup. Furthermore, it includes controls to ensure a proper relationship between a PO and the invoice currency. Currency conversion is applied to preserve tolerance and approval level thresholds.

GEP SMART AP Automation supports 22 languages, including English, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese.

Global invoice regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of the GEP SMART AP Automation solution. GEP partners with Sovos (TrustWeaver) to support invoice compliance for 60 countries worldwide.

GEP SMART AP Automation enables tax entry on invoices as a percentage, rate or value. Furthermore, the software can pull tax tables from an ERP system or a tax engine, such as Thomson Reuters. It can match taxes from a PO provided by a supplier and/or a tax engine to raise exceptions as necessary. Those exceptions can be auto routed to a tax team for resolution.

Yes – GEP SMART AP Automation also enables Evaluated Receipt Settlements. The system can automatically create an invoice when an order is placed and the goods are received. That function can be configured on a PO-by-PO basis, giving you full control on when to use more automation versus exercising more control.