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AI: Unleashing New Frontiers of Possibility

Today, procurement teams are under pressure to deliver more. More savings, yes — but also more in terms of new sources of value, new efficiencies and new insights. Often with no increase in headcount — and certainly without any more hours in the day. 

GEP is an AI-first company, and procurement and supply chain present a perfect setting for applying generative AI and advanced machine learning technologies. With the inherent complexity and interconnectedness involved in supply chains, generative AI and advanced machine learning offer transformative processes and significant benefits.

GEP helps enterprise procurement teams harness the power of transformative technologies to streamline and optimize sourcing, purchasing, forecasting, inventory management and logistics, enabling them to focus their efforts on driving enterprise-wide strategic value, and leaving transactional processes for AI-powered systems to handle.

Did You Know?

GEP manages vast volumes of data, representing close to $100 trillion of spend by our clients. The advanced AI engines that power GEP SMART™ — our cloud-native, Unified procurement software — can sort, organize, process and analyze hundreds of thousands of transactions every day, uncovering patterns and generating actionable insights to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

Intelligent Source-to-Pay Automation

GEP is an innovator and leader in AI use cases in procurement and supply chain, designing solutions to execute processes across the full spectrum of source-to-pay operations — from spend analysis and sourcing to purchase order processing and invoice management.

  • Enhanced Service Delivery: Minimize manual intervention and cycle times
  • Optimized Processes: Expedite processes, increase throughput and boost productivity
  • Enhanced Scalability: Deploy a scalable and flexible virtual workforce at a minimal cost
  • Better Reporting: Gain immediate insight and granular visibility via auto-generated dynamic dashboards
  • Spend Analysis: Advanced AI technology extracts real-time, granular insights from your spend data — automatically aggregating, cleansing, classifying and reporting the data across the enterprise. It actually learns and self-corrects to continuously improve accuracy.
  • Sourcing: As machine learning and generative AI learns your sourcing patterns and behaviors, you’ll be able to connect with the best suppliers more quickly and efficiently — while reserving your time and skills for supplier selection, negotiation and real value assessment.
  • Savings: Measuring savings in real time will show procurement’s value to the enterprise. No more negotiation over “percentage realized." GEP’s advanced AI technologies will assess every order and every invoice against your savings plan
  • Contract Management: If users need to find examples of a particular risk that exists in some contracts, they can use the chat interface to  locate and extract information from the contracts, with immediate results. No more manual reading of lengthy contracts for specific clauses.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Generative AI supports building and managing supplier relationships by providing insights into effective negotiation strategies, contract management and dispute resolution. It can assist in maintaining open lines of communication and facilitating collaborative engagements with suppliers.
  • Order Processing: When the software knows who you are and what you are permitted to order, your requisition becomes an order and a fulfilled delivery with a single click. Only the most exceptional cases need the professional’s personal attention.

Generative AI and advanced machine learning will drive today's transformed procurement organizations. By harnessing AI-enabled analytical power, procurement pros can unlock valuable insights from data and realize unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organization.