10 Practical Steps To Reduce Scope 3 Emissions 10

Scope 3 emissions — which account for 70-80% of an organization’s emissions — are complex and multifaceted. They form the bulk of an organization’s environmental impact. It’s no surprise that enterprises still struggle to track and manage these emissions.

10 Practical Steps To Reduce Scope 3 Emissions guides you through the essential phases of identifying, analyzing and mitigating these emissions. From engaging with your supply chain to integrating advanced analytics and reporting, this white paper charts a clear path to compliance and leadership in corporate sustainability.

This guide emphasizes the strategic role of procurement in achieving environmental goals, offering a step-by-step methodology to easily track and manage scope 3 emissions.

What’s Inside:

  • Strategies to measure and reduce emissions at scale
  • Frameworks for supplier engagement and management
  • Insights on data analysis and impact visualization

This is an essential read for anyone committed to making a significant impact on their organization’s sustainability journey.

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