Manage Your Visible Logistics End-to-End With Confidence Manage Your Visible Logistics End-to-End With Confidence

Real-Time Tracking with GEP NEXXE’s Supply Chain Logistics Visibility Software

Managers need to monitor the flow and quality of their supply chain logistics with total confidence. But most organizations are flying blind. To ensure complete supply accountability, you need global logistics visibility on the movement, storage and reliability of inventory and goods. And you need it immediately.

Get the most timely and accurate supply information at any time with GEP NEXXE™ Logistics Visibility Software. From the production floor to the transportation carrier to the customer’s receiving dock, rapid, real-time insights are now possible. With built-in digital tracking and powerful IoT technology, always know the status – and precise condition – of your most valuable supply assets.

Utilize Just-In-Time production resources with the least amount of downtime. Ensure supply components arrive on time. Guarantee safe, reliable finished products with complete accountability with GEP NEXXE’s unified logistics visibility service.


Track All of Your Logistics Activity in Real Time in One Unified Platform

Real-Time Monitoring and Visibility

Obtain alerts on the condition of the goods being transported. Ensure that the transport of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, for example, maintain the required temperature range within carriers for safe transport. Real-time exceptions ensure that immediate corrective action can be taken to ensure product reliability.

Advanced Tracking Technology

It is not enough to know how or where the supply is from your receiving dock. You need to know how long it has been there too. Integrated sensor-based data feeds provide insights into major milestones and transfers using location tracking at preferred time intervals.

SLA-Driven KPI Tracking

Continuous improvement in logistics requires a focus on vital metrics and operational problems. Manage KPIs and business objectives with GEP NEXXE’s built-in tracking software. Give carriers and suppliers the opportunity to meet or beat service level agreements.

Multi-Modal Interface

GEP NEXXE is designed to meet the needs of the business process being monitored. The interface works across all form factors with mobile-based alerts to take corrective action – and includes a situation room to get the overall view of all supply statuses in transit.

Situation Room

Manage problems and discrepancies in logistics immediately in the Situation Room. Keep track of issues, transportation sources, assign actions, create resolution objectives and gauge the business impact of logistics deviations in real time.

Why Choose GEP NEXXE Logistics Visibility Platform

  • Reduced Operations Costs Reduced_Operations_Costs
  • Reduced Inventory Levels Reduced_Inventory_Levels
  • Reduced Expedite Costs Reduced_Expedite_Costs
  • Improved User Adoption Improved_User_Adoption
Reduced Operations Costs


Reduced Operations Costs

Ensure supply assurance and optimal productivity from real-time visibility. Guarantee demand is satisfied with on-time delivery with the least amount of disruption to a manufacturing or fulfillment operation.

Reduced Inventory Levels


Reduced Inventory Levels

Reduce inventory by 20% to 30%. More efficient visibility allows materials planning to receive inventory “just in time” after accounting for market demand, production constraints and safety stock targets.

Reduced Expedite Costs


Reduced Expedite Costs

More accurate, detailed and timely information leads to better decisions. Lower expedited costs for shipments and manufacturing throughout the supply chain with the proactive corrective actions you can take from the real-time visibility.

Improved User Adoption


Improved User Adoption

GEP NEXXE supply chain software modern and easy-to-use user interface provides a familiar, intuitive, consumer-like experience for all users which will increase the solution’s adoption, driving productivity and employee satisfaction.