AI in Auditing & Taxation Services AI

In a recent survey of over 750 finance executives, 73% of tax professionals acknowledge that AI can help accounting firms modernize processes and improve accuracy to deliver more value to their clients. How can accounting firms fast-track their investments in the latest tools to meet demand?

AI in Auditing & Taxation Services: How Procurement Can Help Achieve More Value outlines an aggressive strategy for identifying target areas to maximize efficiencies in audit and tax functions.

Discover how procurement professionals can achieve meaningful visibility and transparency into their audit and tax engagements to ensure that their respective organizations are leveraging technology and automation.

What’s Inside:

  • AI and RPA enhance data extraction, entry, validation and recognition
  • Audit documentation is more organized and audit trails are generated with RPA bots
  • Fraud is more easily detectable, as AI can flag suspicious patterns

This paper is a must-read for procurement professionals looking to ensure that their tax and auditing functions make the most of modern tools.

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