Passing on some of your rising input prices to customers may be unavoidable. But it would be reckless to take no action to contain costs.

Get ready to whip inflation.

GEP's newest bulletin, Beating Inflation: A Three-Point Plan to Mitigate Cost of Goods Sold, recommends procurement strategies and digital tools to help organizations keep their production costs in check.

From should-cost modeling, zero-budgeting and hedging to spend analytics, supplier negotiations and process automation, this bulletin outlines a range of solutions, along with examples of how global companies and several of GEP’s customers have managed to control costs successfully.

What’s Inside:

  • Powerful tools to understand and anticipate expenditure
  • Building collaborative supplier partnerships
  • The importance of commodity hedging

This paper is essential reading for procurement and business leaders looking to ease inflationary pressure and improving earnings without alienating customers.

Theme: Procurement