Combating Inflation With Digital Should-Cost Modeling Combating Inflation With Digital Should-Cost Modeling

If you don’t know why you’re spending what you’re spending, how do you know you’re getting the best possible deal?

Now, as inflationary pressures build, is the time to find out.

Our new bulletin, Combating Inflation With Digital Should-Cost Modeling, looks at how should-cost models can help organizations gain complete, real-time visibility into their primary cost drivers and bring down the cost of essential direct materials. It examines why traditional cost models developed on spreadsheets can no longer do the job, and discusses the four key benefits of an intelligent digital should-cost modeling tool.

What’s Inside:

  • Understanding cost components and drivers
  • Gaining leverage during supplier negotiations
  • Improved budget and revenue forecasting

This bulletin is a must-read for supply chain and procurement leaders looking for accurate cost estimates and better supplier negotiation levers to manage sourcing costs.

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