Decoding Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA) Decoding

ESG and sustainability initiatives are top of mind for leaders today, driven by regulatory requirements, consumer demands and a desire to operate in a more environmentally friendly way. In driving these initiatives forward, the use of, and investment in, renewable energy has become a major point of interest. 

Decoding Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA): A Powerful Tool To Drive Cost Savings and Sustainability shows how virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) provide a viable solution for companies looking to meet their energy needs while accelerating the adoption of renewable energy sources. 

What’s Inside:

  • How these agreements support the development of new renewable energy projects and hedge against price risks 
  • The similarities and differences between VPPAs and power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • The four ways companies can mitigate risks when entering into VPPAs

This paper is a must-read for leaders who are looking for a new approach to energy procurement and consumption that enables them to achieve their goals through decarbonization, cost savings and operational efficiencies.

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