ERP or Modern Source-to-Pay Platform? ERP or Modern Source-to-Pay Platform?

In an uncertain business environment with disruption around every corner, agility is the name of the game, and organizations need to have processes that can adapt as circumstances change. This agility is something traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems — which require costly and time-intensive implementations — typically can’t provide.

ERP or Modern Source-to-Pay Platform? 5 Things You Need To Know shows how technological modernization enables enterprises to take a more flexible, holistic approach. A companion to the GEP-Forrester webinar Avoiding the ERP Trap — What Procurement Really Needs to Future-Proof its Digital Capabilities , this bulletin highlights the limits of ERP tools and the benefits of using an end-to-end source-to-pay platform.

This bulletin is invaluable reading for procurement professionals looking for more information on innovative tools that promote greater visibility.

What’s Inside:

  • How a modern platform can help firms build resilience and future-proof procurement
  • What an organization may miss by sticking with an ERP system rather than adopting a modern source-to-pay platform
  • How technological modernization can accelerate an enterprise’s ESG initiatives

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