Generative AI in Procurement Generative

Generative AI is a powerful data retrieval tool, but its true value goes beyond those capabilities. Think of this quickly evolving technology as a knowledge worker that will give your procurement function a huge boost in strategy, category management and other areas requiring human-like expertise.

It is time to pivot from AI's lofty promises to practical applications. Generative AI in Procurement: Exploring the Opportunities and Identifying Use Cases identifies six ways that procurement can implement AI.

Need some inspiration to get started? This valuable resource also includes strategies for identifying use cases and kickstarting your AI procurement journey.

What’s Inside:

  • How AI can impact strategy and planning, category management and other areas across the procurement function
  • How procurement can leverage AI for contextual understanding, adaptive learning and data monitoring to drive transformative benefits
  • How an in-depth process analysis and carefully considered use cases can get your AI-first approach off on the right foot

This bulletin is a must-read for procurement pros seeking use cases and strategies for leveraging AI capabilities.

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