The banking industry is adapting to the new normal — new products, digital sales, better customer relationships. To enable these, banks need to invest in new technologies, partner with new suppliers, rapidly.

Procurement can play a key role in supporting these goals — by being more agile, responsive and effective.

In a new bulletin, Agile and Responsive: How to Accelerate Sourcing and Procurement in Banking, GEP’s banking experts discuss how procurement can help banks rapidly identify, negotiate with and onboard new suppliers. They also share strategies to manage new supplier relationships and mitigate risks, while supporting the enterprise goals.

What’s Inside:

  • Improving procurement-business collaboration to expedite processes
  • Deploying a new approach to onboard suppliers quickly
  • Mitigating risks from new suppliers and third-party vendors

It’s a must-read for procurement leaders looking for ways to actively support the growth strategies of their banks.