No industry has remained untouched by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including the U.S. retail sector.

Given the interconnectedness of supply chains and the sanctions on Russia, the war’s domino effects on retail are already being felt — in rising gas and raw material prices amid high inflation. What should retailers be doing to insulate their supply chains from the ongoing war in Europe?

Our latest bulletin — How U.S. Retailers Can Prepare for the Domino Effects of the Russia-Ukraine War — presents four action points that retail industry leaders should consider right now to control spiraling costs and minimize business disruptions.

What’s Inside:

  • Ways to effectively manage the cost structure
  • Supplier and enterprise risk management strategies
  • How to optimize the retail supply chain network

Supply chain and procurement executives in retail shouldn’t miss this bulletin as they grapple with the effects of the Ukraine war on their supply chains.

Theme: Strategy and Planning