M&As in a Downturn M&As

Success in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) poses formidable challenges even without the pressures of an economic downturn and high inflation.

Yet, M&As continue to be a powerful strategic move for cash-rich enterprises that want to diversify and grow their bottom lines.

Our new bulletin, M&As in a Downturn: How Procurement Can Accelerate and Maximize Cost Synergies, looks at how enterprises can manage costs and ensure deal success by involving procurement from the start, despite the current economic uncertainty. It recommends three ways to capture quick value and strategies for integration.

What’s Inside:

  • Why procurement’s role is crucial in M&As
  • Key focus areas for rapid synergy
  • Preparing for integration and Day 1 readiness

This bulletin is a must-read for procurement leaders and business leaders who want to take bold steps to fuel business expansion and growth.

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