Managing Disruptions With Agility Managing Disruptions With Agility

The disruptions caused by the pandemic have forced chemical companies to reexamine the effectiveness of their ongoing operations and supply chains. While a complete transformation of supply chain processes can be costly and time-consuming, implementing it in stages and focusing on the quick wins that can be attained may allow them to take their first steps in this necessary journey.

A new GEP bulletin — Managing Disruptions With Agility: Sourcing Fundamentals for the Chemicals Industry — discusses how chemical companies can find value in the short term by focusing on sourcing fundamentals. Learning how making purchase order execution more efficient and ensuring continuous supply sources can help make supply chain operations more agile and effective at adapting to disruptions.

What’s Inside:

  • Guiding principles for identifying value early in your supply chain transformation
  • Where to find opportunities to deliver short-term gains, such as diversifying suppliers and developing a global distribution network
  • How examining the entire value chain and efficiently managing your people resources can foster agility

This paper is a must-read for supply chain and procurement professionals in the chemical industry who need to evaluate and update their operations to meet unprecedented challenges with agility.

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