Quick Wins, Big Impact Quick Wins, Big Impact

With 81% of the CPOs surveyed citing “enhancing the speed and efficiency of source-to-pay activities” as a top priority, there’s no doubt that they are feeling the heat to optimize procurement processes to deliver rapid savings. The need for a high-performing sourcing team only intensifies in a fast-moving environment. So how can procurement professionals keep pace?

One approach is accelerated sourcing, a blueprint for fast-tracking the sourcing process. In Quick Wins, Big Impact: How Accelerated Sourcing Can Deliver Rapid Bottom-Line Savings, GEP experts offer a detailed analysis of this strategy to deliver quick results and learn when to deploy it for maximum impact.

What’s Inside:

  • A breakdown of accelerated sourcing vs. traditional methods
  • Benefits of accelerated sourcing, including rapid response to market conditions
  • A look at how users have deployed accelerated sourcing to meet savings targets and improve decision-making

This guide is a must-read for sourcing professionals looking to deliver rapid results in response to evolving market conditions.

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